Automate restaurant inventory and save hours every month

Reduce management and food costs with replenishment automations

Inventory and supply chain

Maximize availability, automate procurement and reduce waste

Purchase the right quantities of raw materials and distribute them optimally, so you have all you need to produce dishes while limiting the risk of spoilage and waste.

With LS Central for restaurants, you can manage sales, purchasing and food production within the same platform. The system helps you monitor supplies and track what raw materials you are using, in which quantities, in real time. The automations make sure you always stock the amounts you need, and not more.


Save time with automated replenishment

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and to having to track what’s out of stock manually. The system tracks usage, and suggests what you should buy and how you should distribute the ingredients to your locations taking into account historical sales patterns and sales velocity.

  • See real-time stock updates. Recipes sync to the POS, so every time you sell a dish or meal deal, the system removes the right amount of ingredients from stock.
  • No more disappointed guests. Buy the ingredients in the right quantities and never be out of the dish customer want to order.
  • Minimize handling and transport costs using the system’s automations.
  • Get real-time visibility into sales and what stock is available across all your locations.

Track use of ingredients in real time

Set up recipes in the LS Central back office. A recipe is a set of ingredients in a specific quantity. When you sell a dish – for example, a mushroom omelet - at the POS, the ingredients that make up the omelet (for example, 3 eggs, 85 grams of mushrooms, 10 grams of parmesan) are automatically deducted from your available stock. The recipe functionality helps you

  • Automate reordering of ingredients.
  • Track ingredient usage and available stock in real time.
  • Keep track of how many recipes were produced and what dishes are most popular.

Keep track of your budget

Keep a close eye on your most important numbers in LS Central’s user-friendly budget overview.

  • Manage food costing and plan menus that deliver returns.
  • Handle sales and purchase budgets.
  • Keep you budget under control by setting upper limits of expense that buyers cannot exceed.
  • Choose among top-down, bottom-up and middle-out budgeting approaches.
  • Budget on different levels, from items to divisions and all the levels in between.
  • Use the fully integrated budgets for automatic replenishment.

Predict demand using Artificial Intelligence

Decrease waste and planning mistakes with Artificial Intelligence-powered demand planning. Enhance your restaurant planning with LS Forecast, a cloud-based predictive suite that uses the advanced algorithms of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite to predict what ingredients you’ll need to buy for each location. LS Forecast:

  • Analyzes your historical sales to spot patterns, trends, and correlations.
  • Automatically picks the algorithm that matches your sales pattern best.
  • Predicts future sales demand on different levels (ingredients, locations…) and for different timeframes (days, weeks, months…) keeping in consideration how holidays and events might impact sales.
  • Suggests the quantities of ingredients you should purchase to maximize availability and limit risk of waste and spoilage.

The right amount of stock,
at the right price

See all available stock

Get an instant, clear snapshot of all inventory available across your locations, what’s been ordered, and what’s in transit.

Prevent out of stocks

Keep an eye on out-of-stock situations, analyze when and where they occur and prevent them.


Evaluate vendor performance

Track your vendors’ performance: do they deliver on time and in the right quantity? Do they invoice using the agreed prices?

Predict what you’ll need

The system helps you forecast what ingredients you should buy based on past sales and trends.



You have questions, we have answers

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LS Central for restaurants is an international solution, experienced, tested and proved by thousands of restaurants in the world. We can now serve our guests from web and mobile to restaurant.

—  Mark Lavina, Conti's

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