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Kitchen management & display system

Always have your orders and preparations under control with LS First Hospitality’s kitchen management system. Gain real-time information about the status of customers’ orders. Streamline your kitchen, and open or close processing lines to adjust to variable workload. As the system is unified, any changes you implement centrally from back office can be transmitted instantly to all your locations.
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Kitchen displays or printers

Have an efficient and well-organized kitchen. With LS First Hospitality, orders are transferred automatically to the appropriate stations, so they can be prepared straight away. Display the orders on a screen or print them, alongside modifiers, at each different kitchen station. The Kitchen Display System guarantees that all orders are produced in the right order and with no mistakes – and eliminates the risk of tickets getting lost.

Quick expediting

With LS First Hospitality you can set up specific processes, deciding to which stations each type of food order should be routed. The system will then automatically follow the routine you have set up. The system can be easily adapted to variable workloads; your kitchen staff can navigate between orders, bump specific ones to the next station or expedite and recall orders in a click on the keyboard or touchscreen.


Multiple processing lines

Manage your operations flexibly. Add and close production lines to adjust for peak times and different workloads. LS First Hospitality offers great tools for large or multi-brand operations: you can apply multiple processing lines on continuous bases, or open new production lines as peak times occur, such as around lunch time or dinner. Then close the extra production lines when the service slows down.

Flexible configuration

Set up and configure layouts, styles, colors and attributes of the station displays to better suit your needs. Change the routing of menu items and assign them to different work stations, in line with the processes in your kitchen. As LS First Hospitality is a unified solution from front to back, you can manage all customizations in the back office and distribute the changes instantly to all your restaurant locations.

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