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Pret A Manger

Business case

Before transitioning to LS Central, One PM Franchising operated on local ERP system Microsys for two years. While the system effectively managed essential business operations, the company found its functionality for Point of Sale (POS), inventory management, and reporting was too limited to support their needs.


To optimize its operations, One PM Franchising adopted LS Retail's unified restaurant management software, LS Central for restaurants. LS Central for restaurants is built of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and connects daily restaurant operations and headquarters processes, such as kitchen management, sales, inventory, loyalty, and accounting. “LS Central is a very strong product offering with a variety of features and modern functionalities, and extensive integration possibilities," says Anil Anthony, Senior Manager Operations at One PM Franchising.

Novasoft, a trusted local partner of LS Retail, managed the implementation and integrations needed to meet the specific requirements of One PM Franchising for their Pret A Manger shops. “Overall, our experience has been positive, with significant improvements in our ERP system,” says Anthony. “There were some challenges along the way, but the Novasoft team was responsive and proactive in resolving them; their technical expertise and timely support have been instrumental in ensuring smooth operations.”


With LS Central, Pret A Manger gains a comprehensive view of their business operations, from kitchen to table, all on one software platform. Switching to LS Central has brought numerous benefits across key areas, including:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency - By integrating operations into a single platform, LS Central has enhanced productivity and efficiency throughout the organization. “By streamlining processes and providing real-time insights, LS Central has empowered us to make informed decisions and quickly respond to market changes,” says Anthony.
  • Streamlined kitchen management - The Kitchen Display System (KDS) module provides real-time order updates, ensuring that food gets prepared on time and delivered to the right customers. This both speeds up service in the shops and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Central management of prices, recipes, and menus - The system enables Pret A Manger to make changes to recipes centrally, and automatically synchronize them across all relevant channels.
  • Real-time inventory management - LS Central provides real-time visibility into stock availability across all locations, helping the business optimize inventory levels and minimize waste.
  • Simplified training - LS Central features a simple, graphical interface, simplifying system navigation and reducing training times for employees. “The software's user-friendly interface has made training new employees easier, ensuring a smooth transition for all team members,” says Anthony.
  • Seamless integration with various delivery service providers – The company has the option to integrate with DSPs like Talabat or Deliveroo, and third-party software, giving their business more opportunities to reach customers where they are.
  • Powerful reporting and analytical capabilities – The Analytics for LS Central add-on empowers the management team to identify trends and patterns in their historical sales data. These powerful insights make it possible for the business to better understand customer behavior and preferences, such as their best-selling dishes, and create a more effective pricing strategy.

LS Central has enabled Pret A Manger to optimize operations, improve service quality, and strengthen their competitive position in the market by leveraging advanced technology. “Since adopting LS Central, we’ve seen significant improvements in productivity and efficiency across all our business divisions,” says Anthony. “These improvements play a crucial role in boosting our operational team’s productivity year-round.”

Pret A Manger I am extremely impressed with the user-friendly interface and robust features in LS Central. The ability to easily track sales and inventory data has been a game-changer for my business. The real-time reporting and analytics have allowed us to make more informed decisions and drive growth in our company.
Anil Anthony, Senior Manager Operations

LS Retail implementation partner


Novasoft is a Microsoft and LS Retail Diamond Partner implementing Microsoft Dynamics business applications, LS Central on Dynamics 365 BC, Power Apps, Microsoft 365, and Azure. Novasoft helps retailers across UAE, KSA, USA & India migrating from legacy systems to intelligent cloud-based modern POS, retail and ERP system. Their certified and experienced consultants provide best in class business solutions to customers, which indirectly shortens the project duration and improves quality.

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