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Product management

Centrally manage and update products, prices and offers for all your sales channels. Assigning dimensions to items helps you understand which colors, sizes and styles are most popular for each product, so you can reorder the right variants. Create offers and promotions centrally for all of your sales locations, or just for specific stores.

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Import items and lists in bulk

Easily import files from vendors, and create and update the company’s item master with information including vendor item number, barcodes, descriptions, item groups, size and color, purchase price and sales price. The item import functionality is automated, but you can check, manually correct, and finalize information before the items are updated.

Organize items in multiple hierarchies

All inventory items can be categorized based on a three-level item hierarchy, plus unlimited special groups and attributes. This hierarchy enables you to search for items and update product information easily and rapidly.
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FT LS Central for retail-product management-Manage offers and promotions-pos-tablet-mobile-hp-engage one-iphone x-surface pro

Manage offers and promotions

Design promotions and offers that maximize returns and customer satisfaction. Offers can be triggered at the POS by specific items or group of items based on parameters such as quantity purchased, presence of a loyalty card, loyalty attributes, tender type, coupons, transaction amount, and more.

Add attributes and dimensions

Assign unique attributes to each item (for example, color, material, or style). This information can then be used to:

  • improve your inventory maintenance
  • gain accurate information on items sold
  • fine-tune your reordering of goods
  • improve customer service: at the POS, staff can search for items by attribute (for example, size)
FT LS Central for retail-product management-Add attributes and dimensions-aures-sango-pos


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Why LS Central product management software solution?

i-pet stores-Manage all your locations from headquarters

Centralized management

Centrally create and manage product information, prices, offers, promotions and more for all your sales channels.

i-ls central for restaurants-starter main dessert

Flexible price hierarchy

Do you run multiple brands? With LS Central, you can assign different prices to individual store locations or store groups.

i-travel retail-Manage offers and promotions

Multiple offer options

From periodic discounts to mix & match, from multibuy to deals, the system empowers you to set up the mix of offers that best suits you. 

i-electronics-Become more agile

Item lifecycle management

Track the history of each item you sell, including price changes, active offers, item profitability and estimated stock levels at the end of the season.

Yves Rocher Thailand

The decision to select LS Nav and Dynamics NAV was actually pretty simple. It’s a solid software with a strong company behind it and regular upgrades.

—  Nicolas Gillet, Yves Rocher

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