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LAB Pharmacy

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Drug Care Co., Ltd. operates 13 LAB Pharmacy outlets in leading department stores in Bangkok. The pharmacy chain is going through a period of growth, which has required improvements to the IT system.

Growing and changing

The old system at LAB Pharmacy had many limitations which made work difficult in the drugstore: data transfer from POS to back office was unreliable, the system did not support necessary customizations, and the financial and accounting tools were insufficient. The pharmacy chain realized they had outgrown their tech.

Powerful tech to support big dreams

Therefore, we started to look for a new system which could fulfil our needs. The company chose the LS Retail software solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics. AVision, a local LS Retail partner which came recommended, oversaw the system implementation. The system has satisfied all of LAB Pharmacy demands: it is stable and reliable. It is flexible system, which the company can use to perform all needed daily tasks. Most importantly, LAB Pharmacy can now manage all company operations through a single platform. LAB Pharmacy is confident that the new system will support their future growth.

LS Retail implementation partner

AVision Co. Ltd.

AVision is a leading provider of IT consultation services for businesses in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. They offer leading Microsoft Dynamics solutions, expertise, business-to-business services, and strong relationship with customers.

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