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McCauley pharmacy has been meeting Ireland’s retail pharmacy needs for over 60 years. With over 30 health and beauty stores and 500 staff members, McCauley prides itself in delivering high quality health and wellness service that enhance their customers’ lives and live up to their motto of “A better you, today.”

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Looking to the future

After decades in the business, McCauley decided to transition to modern retail management technology. They started looking for a system that could work easily with their dispensing platform and give them a single vision over their data and resources, particularly on the retail side.

After researching the various platforms on the market, McCauley’s due diligence revealed that the LS Retail software had the deep retail functionality they were looking for. “It’s the right solution for us,” says Peter Maher, Chief Operations Officer at McCauley.

To implement the system, McCauley contacted ProStrategy, a local LS Retail partner. Having worked with ProStrategy in the past, McCauley knew they were a professional, reliable partner with deep knowledge of the retail industry and of Microsoft and LS Retail technology.

The implementation process went smoothly, and the new software delivered immediate results.

Deep retail functionality

One of the core priorities for McCauley is its ongoing promotional activity. The company runs up to four or five in-store events per week, and on top of that, they have constant offers and promotions. Thanks to the LS Retail system, they now have the flexibility to create and operate multiple promotion cycles at the same time.

The LS Retail software is a unified commerce solution, which unites back-office, sales and management operations within a single platform. Since implementing the new solution the company can use a single solution to manage its sales in-store and in the eCommerce, as well as to manage inventory, staff schedules and payroll, and more.

New results built with new tools

Since implementing the new system, the company has realized multiple benefits.

  • In the past, the reconciliation of bank records used to require multiple people to work on them for several days. Today, one employee alone can complete the task in one single day.
  • Thanks to the staff management functionality included in LS Retail system, McCauley has cut its payroll costs by 5%.
  • Ordering is now much simpler and quicker. In the past, each store manager would spend 30 minutes on orders every morning. Multiplied per 30 stores, that makes it 15 hours spent on orders, every single day. Today, this task takes each manager barely two minutes. Combined, it’s just one hour of work for the whole chain – which makes it a 93% time-saving.
  • The system automation have also improved the company’s replenishment practices. In the past, the system would generate templates that needed to be checked and updated manually, one by one, before being sent. Now, the system creates purchase orders and updates them automatically. No manual intervention is required, making the process much quicker and more efficient.

Standard solution in the cloud

When they implemented the new solution, McCauley decided to stick to the standard version. “In the past, we had some problems with excessive customization. So for this implementation, we limited customizations, and instead worked to change our internal processes, following best practices,” says Maher.

The system is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. McCauley knew that the cloud would provide them with the security and scalability they were looking for, allowing them to grow their business and number of locations at the pace they wanted. Since moving to the cloud, the company has managed to reduce its IT costs and increase data visibility. McCauley now has complete access to data, and can gain valuable business insights using the intelligence tools available in the cloud.

As the company grows to meet the ambitious goal of 100 locations, they know that their strategic technology decisions will support them.


We now have a very clear visibility of everything that’s going on, and much better control over our finances.

Peter Maher, COO

Our store managers used to spend 30 minutes on orders daily. Multiply that per 30 stores – that’s 15 hours, every day. Today, it takes two minutes. That’s just one hour of work, for all of our stores combined.

Peter Maher, COO

LS Retail implementation partner

ProStrategy Colman Limited

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