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Pharma Stop Drug & Mart

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When the company started looking for a retail management solution, they had clear requirements. They knew they needed a solution that could cover the whole business, from end to end. The system must manage inventory, operations and financial planning. On top of that, they also needed a Point of Sale to handle product sales.    The drugstore started investigating software solutions, and shortlisted a few of systems. LS Retail software was part of the list, and ended up being the system of choice for Pharma Stop Drug and Mart. The system was successfully implemented and deployed by Infosoft, a local LS Retail partner.

An effective solution

The company has been using LS Retail software solution for a few years, and is very satisfied with the system. With LS Retail software solution, all the data managers need is easily accessed in just a few clicks. LS Retail software solution is completed integrated not only to Microsoft Dynamics ERP, but also to other Microsoft applications such as Office, CRM and SharePoint; this means it’s easy and convenient to move between applications. There is no need to switch from a system to the next to input and find data, which makes consolidation easier. The system offers built-in reporting and analysis tools, which help Pharma Stop take the right business decisions.

Pharma Stop Drug & Mart

We really saw the value of having an integrated system. From front to back-office, the LS Retail software solution connects it all.

Kevin Pascual, Officer in Charge

LS Retail implementation partner

Infosoft International Solutions, Inc.

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