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ICare Pharmacy

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LS Retail software makes business easier for Thai pharmacy chain

For twenty years, ICare has been a trusted pharmaceutical name in Thailand. Today, they run seven shops where they sell quality medical devices and equipment, medicines and also food. All the ICare stores have pharmacists ready to counsel patients on prescription medication.

Looking for a highly flexible and configurable system

As their business grew, ICare realized the need for an ERP that could handle large amounts of data. The company started a rigorous selection process, which included visiting other companies and testing their systems. ICare needed a system which would be powerful, but also highly configurable, to be able to adjust to the various needs of a combined retailer and pharmacy. At the end of the process the LS Retail software solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, resulted the most reliable and flexible system, so ICare selected it as their new software solution. LS Retail software was implemented in the ICare stores with the assistance of AVision, LS Retail’s implementation partner in Thailand.

Rapid benefits with LS Retail software

The implementation process went smoothly and was executed in the planned time frame with the help of experienced consultants from AVision. As soon as the system went live, ICare experienced immediate benefits. They have reduced duplicated work, and the system’s host of detailed reports has enabled them to better analyze their data, and take more informed business decision. The system gives managers a clear overview of the whole business, so that they can always have all their key operations in front of their eyes – from order management, to sales at the POS, to stock control. LS Retail software's intuitive interface makes it easy to keep track of all sides of the business, from ordering new inventory to following up orders with suppliers.

A fruitful journey with a competent partner

AVision has been of invaluable help to ICare. The LS Retail partner made the implementation process smooth and easy. AVision’s expert consultants helped every step of the way, recommending the best practices and adding customizations based on the business’s needs. With the help of AVision, ICare has met a trusty business ally in the LS Retail software solution.

LS Retail implementation partner

AVision Co. Ltd.

AVision is a leading provider of IT consultation services for businesses in Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. They offer leading Microsoft Dynamics solutions, expertise, business-to-business services, and strong relationship with customers.

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