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Empower your employees with powerful and easy to use Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Take orders quickly and precisely, and give your guests detailed information on your dishes’ nutritional and allergen content at any time. Increase your margins by using the up-selling suggestion. Offer a superior customer service anytime: the system offers strong offline capabilities.

Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Discover the key functionalities of the ideal restaurant POS system, and make sure you select a software that is up to the task.

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Quick order taking

Ensure speedy and effective service to your customers. Quick service establishments can improve their pace by offering fast order taking at the POS terminals, while fast casual restaurants can offer pace and mobility by taking orders directly at the table on mobile device. Orders are sent straight to the kitchen display system from the POS, so your service can be even more immediate.

Conversational up-selling

Set the Point of Sale in a conversational selling mode to help your staff members effectively promote meal deals and offers. And with the up-selling function, you can more easily promote high-margin items that increase your returns.


Nutritional and allergen information at your fingertips

In LS First Hospitality all data is stored centrally, and can be accessed throughout the whole system. Centrally store your recipes and menus, including nutritional and allergen information, for each of your dishes. From any POS terminal, your staff will be able to view and deliver always consistent and up-to-date product information to guests.

Safe payments

LS First for restaurants offers support for chip & pin payments as well as comprehensive tendering options, including tools for effective bill splitting, check management and gratuity management. Enable your customers to pay as they prefer – by cash, card, EBT, FSA, gift card, or a combination of the above.

The system’s cash management tools can help you reduce costs by improving the reliability and efficiency of cash flow processes in the restaurant. The system also includes loss prevention modules which help control potential loss of funds.



Efficiency at the drive-thru

The order summary screen on the LS First restaurant POS helps your staff  deliver correct orders with the quick pace and precision your drive-thru customers expect from you.
The Kitchen Display System displays a clear and ordered list of pick-up orders, so your drive-thru expeditor staff can do their job to even higher standards.

Prevent loss of data with offline terminals

LS First for restaurants works both online and offline, so that you can be operative even in cases of loss of network. When in offline mode, all your POS transactions will be safely stored in the system.

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