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Mobile loyalty & ordering app | LS First

Reach out to today’s mobile customers effectively and at a reduced cost with the LS Omni-powered mobile loyalty and ordering app. Expand your offer to the omni-channel: the mobile menu offering can be controlled within the central management system.

Don’t let changes in consumer behavior knock your restaurant down

Gain a competitive edge, boost revenue, and drive return visits with a successful omni-channel strategy for your restaurant. Discover how.

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Customer mobile loyalty

Better attract and retain customers with a loyalty program that rewards repeat business with loyalty points and personalized promotions. With LS First for restaurants you can easily set up a mobile loyalty program, which you will control centrally in the back office of the restaurant management system. Customers who download your loyalty app can use it to check your menu, find your restaurant locations, see personalized deals and offers and save their favorite orders.

Menu browsing

Let your customers browse your menu online while in their car or on the go. With LS First for restaurants it is easy to set up mobile menus, and it can be done centrally from back office. Aside from the list of dishes and prices, you can also include useful extras, such as allergen and nutritional information, size options and combos.


Mobile ordering

Boost loyalty and satisfy modern diners accepting orders through many channels. In your app you can include all the information your customers look for: menus, possibility to modify dishes by adding or removing ingredients, restaurant directions, and the option to pick up their order at restaurant of choice.

Find a restaurant

Gain more business by making it easy for hungry customers to find you. The LS First mobile loyalty and ordering app also includes a restaurant locator. Your customers will not only get the address of your closest locations; the app also provides them with driving or walking directions.

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