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Inventory & production management

Whether you are pre-producing at a central facility and distributing to you restaurants, or making to order – or both, LS First Hospitality provides you with powerful features to control your inventory levels and productions processes.
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Tight control on inventory

The LS First Hospitality inventory management function can help you control a large array of operations – from quality assurance, to control of warehouse and restaurant activities, to inventory management. Adjust the settings and optimize your inventory: the system allows you to customize the processes so that they suit your business needs.

Prevent losses by controlling your waste

LS First Hospitality includes a powerful waste management functionality to help you manage your stock efficiently, minimizing your waste. Maintain tight control over your inventory, use your products optimally and take timely actions to adjust your stock, so that you can secure satisfactory margin levels on your menu items.


Produce appropriate & timely amounts

Optimize your operational efficiency and margins. The system modules in LS First Hospitality help you track inventory transactions and production costs, schedule your production efficiently, track recipe ingredients and route consumption. The data framework allows you to utilize other system modules to enhance your control, such as Master Planning, Procurement and Product Information Management.

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