The secret to having your food service
enterprise under total control

Unlock your quick service restaurants’ full potential with LS First for restaurants
built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations

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Dish out superior service – easy and fast

LS First for restaurants is the comprehensive software solution that provides quick service and fast casual restaurants managers with all
the functions they need in their day-to-day operations.

Get all the tools your restaurant chain needs to succeed, from front to back of house: the system includes kitchen and restaurant management functions, powerful POS terminals and superior tools for enterprise resource planning.

LS First for restaurants is an all-in-one restaurant software solution: this means you can gain a better overview of your whole enterprise, as all information is kept in one database, and cut IT costs at the same time.

LS First for restaurants is available as an extension for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

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Available on-premises and in the cloud

Choose the setup and deployment model that best suits your business needs and budget.

LS First for restaurants is available on-premises, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the ERP. The on-prem version of the system is implemented in your own environment, so you can have full control on all aspects of the system.

LS First Hospitality is also available in the cloud as Software as a Service (SaaS), as an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.


Achieve control with centralized management

Manage your whole business efficiently from headquarters.

  • Gain a real-time overview on inventory, POS terminals, sales and staff across your whole organization and channels
  • Centrally design the POS interface for all your locations
  • Update prices, menus and food information from headquarters
  • Gain powerful insights into your business with Business Intelligence tools
  • Easily scale the solution to grow with your business
  • Create and updates your deals, meals, or recipes from headquarters

Satisfy your customers and grow your revenue

Gain your customers’ loyalty and returning business. Offer superior customer service through:

  • Rapid order-taking and payment at the Point of Sale
  • Speedy service: orders are sent from the POS straight to the kitchen
  • Up-selling and cross-selling suggestions at POS
  • Ability to order by seat or by table, and pay at the table
  • Accurate nutritional and allergen info at POS
  • Loyalty programs and ordering through the app
  • Omni-channel brand presence


Improve your bottom line by reducing costs

LS First for restaurants can help you cut your costs by:

  • Ordering the right amount of stock
  • Using your products efficiently and decreasing waste
  • Reducing staff training costs thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Organizing your workforce in a cost-effective way
  • Serving more customers with fast order-taking and payments technology

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Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Discover the key functionalities of the ideal restaurant POS system, and make sure you select a software that is up to the task.

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Other benefits of LS First

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Omni-channel presence

Give your customers an omnichannel experience and create a powerful brand image. With LS First for restaurants you can enter your menus, including recipes and meal deals for all your sales channels (from physical locations, to e-commerce to mobile app) from your back office. Grow loyalty and segment your customers with the mobile app. Enable mobile ordering from the app, and include your location info to drive business towards your restaurant doors.

Staff management

Make sure that your employees are always a powerful asset to your business. The staff management tools in LS First for restaurants can help you manage your human resources, from staff recruitment and selection processes to staff training. Evaluate your employees’ performance and ensure that the right person is assigned to each task. Control shrinkage with the loss and fraud prevention tools. As it is a unified system, you can always track from headquarters how efficiently your staff is running the operations, for example in the kitchen and at the POS.

Powerful inventory control

LS First for restaurants gives you an end-to-end view of your inventory processes, so you can protect your margins by wasting less and buying only what you will use. Manage purchases, requisition and replenishment processes from your headquarters. Track inventory transactions and production costs, and make sure that your production processes are using ingredients efficiently.

Kitchen Display System

Ensure that every dish will be delivered fast and correctly. The system automatically sends customer orders from the POS to the kitchen display system. Orders are shown at the correct station's screen, so that they can be prepared timely, and in the right order. Customize the station display's layout, styles and attributes to best fit your operational needs.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right restaurant management software solution for your restaurant chain or food service business can be an overwhelming experience,
but we are here to help and assist you all the way. Just contact us!

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