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Restaurant POS

Empower your staff and enhance your service with an easy-to-use POS system. Take orders and payments directly at the table. Ensure correct and rapid order preparation: the POS sends all orders – with modifications and requests – straight to the kitchen displays.

Stop frustrating your diners and your staff. It’s time to replace your obsolete, slow tech

Discover the key functionalities of the ideal restaurant POS system, and make sure you select a software that is up to the task.

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FT LS Central for restaurants-restaurant POS-Mobile and stationary POS-HP-Samsung

Mobile and stationary POS

Run your Point of Sale on computers, tablets and mobile devices. With a mobile POS your front staff can take orders and special request, deliver information on dishes and ingredients, and take payments straight at the tableside. As a result guests receive a faster, better service, and you turn more tables.

Direct connection to the kitchen

Eliminate miscommunications and lost orders. Servers can send orders from the POS straight to the correct Kitchen Display System (KDS) screens or kitchen printers. The system ensures that orders are sent to the correct stations. No need to interrupt kitchen staff to ask if a specific dish is ready: thanks to the two-way communication between POS and KDS, front-of-house staff can always see the status of each dish at the POS.

FT LS Central for restaurants-restaurant pos-Direct connection to the kitchen-screen-KDS-tablet-mobile-printer

FT LS Central for restaurants-restaurant pos-Table management-tablet-mobile

Table management

Handle optimal seating and maximize table turnover with the graphic table management system. With the table status functionality, your staff can check table status at a glance and ensure that all guests are being served timely. The system can issue alerts for cases that need attention – for example, if a table has been left unattended for too long.


Restaurateurs: it’s time for better, faster service. Your customers will thank you

Discover all the ways a mobile POS system can help you delight your diners and grow your revenue.

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Why LS Central unified restaurant software solution?

i-pet stores-Reduce staff training costs

Quick staff training

The POS is easy to learn and use. Speed up service: users can only access valid options in each stage of the transaction.

i-ls central for restaurants-guest tracking

Guest tracking

Add items directly to a customer, so their bill will be correct even if they change table, or move from the bar to the restaurant.

i-ls central for restaurants-allergens

Allergens and nutrition

See allergens and nutritional information for all dishes at the POS, and give guests immediate and precise information.

i-ls central for restaurants-starter main dessert


Qualify dishes as starters, mains, etc., to ensure they are prepared in the right order and delivered at the right time.

i-ls central for restaurants-toppings and modifiers

Toppings and modifiers

Let guests personalize their dishes adding or removing ingredients. Modifiers are added clearly be each dish to ensure precise production.

i-restaurants and food service-Timely orders, correct orders

Always up-to-date

Prices, menus and ingredients can be changed centrally. All modifications are sent straight to all POS terminals.

AL Fresco Vietnam

LS Hospitality is an international solution, experienced, tested and proved by thousands of restaurants in the world. We can now serve our guests from web and mobile to restaurant.

—  Danny Christ, Al Fresco's Vietnam

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