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Leading unified POS and business management software solutions

Manage your retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels and gas stations from front to back with one centralized software platform that combines Point of Sale (POS), financials, inventory, eCommerce, and more.
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Find your LS Retail software solution

We have a complete software platform, from POS to ERP, that meets your needs — whatever your industry, business size or target market.


Unified business management software (includes POS and ERP)

LS Central is a fully integrated software solution that gives you a complete overview of your business operations from the point of sale to back-office and beyond.

LS Central for retail LS Central for restaurants LS Central for hotels LS Central for pharmacies LS Central for forecourt

Retail system for small retailers (includes POS and ERP)

LS Express is the online POS and retail software solution for one-store retailers. It’s a native app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

LS Express for retail
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Why LS Retail software solutions

Designed for your business

Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable software solutions help
retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses worldwide.


Enhance your staff’s performance, offer exceptional customer service and increase sales and loyalty.

  • Manage your staff effectively
  • Always have the right products in-store
  • Increase your revenue with up-selling and cross-selling tools directly from your POS
  • Diminish stock-outs
  • Sell faster and more
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage
  • Cut staff training times
  • Increase loyalty across the channels


Use our software solutions to gain:

  • Control over your own locations and franchisees
  • Total overview of stock
  • Central administration of products and prices
  • Cost-effective purchasing and replenishment
  • Flexibility to add POS and deploy new stores
  • Optimal allocation of items and products
  • Performance measurements per location
  • Central management of campaigns, special offers and promotions for all your locations and sales channels.


  • Get control over your business and grow it in the most profitable direction
  • Reduce risks, as the business is driven by procedures and KPIs rather than core people
  • Oversee the whole value chain
  • Expand your business into different industries and geographies
  • Manage your business wherever you are: our software solutions are cloud-enabled
  • React to change nimbly and gain a competitive edge


Gain an in-depth view of all aspects of your whole operation, including stores, inventory, basket size and financials analysis:

  • Total visibility of all transactions from POS to accounting
  • Stock management
  • Reports on store performance
  • Sales reports and statistics
  • Management of payable and receivable accounts
  • Basket and profit & loss analysis
  • Detailed balance sheet analysis tools
  • Reduced system management costs

What our customers say about our software solutions

Optimera Estonia AS

Implementing new software requires excellent change management skills, close interpersonal cooperation, and constant information exchange from managers. All company employees must have a clear understanding as to why the changes are implemented and what good they will bring. Then people will be more inclined to go along with the changes and have more tolerance for the workload increase during the transition period.

Sven Vesik Development Director
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Mount Meru Retail Zambia Limited

With LS Central, we can now track and manage inventory in real time and spend less time both in data input and back-office reconciliation. Our customers are benefitting, too, as the new POS has reduced queues at the register, making shopping quicker and more pleasant for them.

Representatives from Financials and Operations
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We are happy to have migrated to LS Central. Not only did the new system simplify our daily operations, but it also opened up new opportunities for future development.
Anastasia Alekseeva Sales Manager of the Eastern region
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Bain Dépôt
Without LS Central, we wouldn't be talking about expansion today. It certainly puts us in the big league.
Marc Nadeau President and Founder
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Want Want Asia

Since I want to concentrate on my core business in my branches, LS Central SaaS was the ideal solution. I don't have to deal with servers, system installations and updates, but can start straight away and work securely - regardless of location.

Zhongyuan Sun Managing Director
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Armani Exchange

The great partnership we now have with K3 Retail and LS Retail has enabled us to give the high-class experience our name stands for, and which makes customers come back, again and again.

Clare Vella Retail Director
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Gagnon Frères
LS Central improves our inventory management and facilitates the work of our employees while providing accurate and relevant information in real time to better serve our customers.
Virginie Théberge Executive Director
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Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

The great thing about LS Central is that we get one package to cover all our needs from the back to the front, we don’t need a hundred different software solutions, we don’t need to train people with different platforms.

Zsolt Tettinger Regional General Manager
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Focus Point - Malaysia

The LS Retail software solution helps us make smart decisions that have a direct impact on our bottom line. We can quickly respond to customer demand … [and] … as a result, we have increased profit margins and improved cash flow.

Dato’ CL Liaw’s President and CEO
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J. Astaphans

I am really impressed with the quality and the possibilities for growth provided to us. Despite this ever-changing environment, meeting and surpassing customer expectations remain the priority in our business. With LS Retail technology it’s easy to anticipate needs and deliver.

Viktor V. Hunte Group IT Manager
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Omni-channel solutions that work for your industry

Retail, hospitality, pharmacy, and forecourt businesses rely on LS Retail software to manage their daily operations. Select your industry to discover specific features, benefits, and case studies.

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Don’t buy retail management software until you read this

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