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To operate the SPAR brand, independent retailers must apply to be granted a license by SPAR International. SPAR Zimbabwe counts 38 company-owned and independent stores.

Business case

Before moving to LS Central, SPAR Zimbabwe used legacy, disparate systems across the business. This disconnected setup often caused operational efficiency issues. The company had to run many tasks manually, which was time-consuming and costly. They realized they needed to replace their legacy software, and started looking for software that would unite ERP and POS and be comprehensive, modern, and cost-effective.

The solution

SPAR Zimbabwe selected LS Central, an all-in-one retail software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERPSPAR Zimbabwe is currently running the system in hybrid mode, with some of the head office functionality running in the cloud.

The company selected LS Central based on several factors:

  • They wouldn’t need to integrate other solutions or third-party add-ons 
  • The cost of ownership fits the company’s budget 
  • The product offers deep industry functionality 
  • By being aligned with Microsoft, LS Central also provided SPAR with a future-proof investment
  • Huge benefits in dealing with one vendor, one system, regarding support and upgrades 

The company selected LS Retail’s certified partner Braintree for the implementation. Braintree managed to roll out the system in just 9 months while overcoming a few challenges. Due to the travel restrictions related to COVID-19, the consulting team based in South Africa was not able to be on site. The whole project was undertaken remotely, with the team having to make minor changes to come in on budget within the agreed scope. Change management and training staff in the new system also proved to be a challenge, which the company solved by upskilling local personnel to assist.


By having a unified commerce system that covers the whole business, SPAR Zimbabwe can manage all its business operations centrally, without having to worry about integration issues. They finally have one single version of the truth, that enables them to make timely informed business decisions.

LS Central has brought several positive changes to the company:

  • SPAR Zimbabwe can now access timely and reliable sales data and has eliminated duplicate data entry into multiple systems. <
  • Automating the manual processes has saved man-hours, leaving the staff free to focus on more valuable, high-impact tasks.
  • The loyalty management system has brought new ways of communicating with and rewarding customers based on their purchasing behavior.
  • The company can now sync data from HQ to stores in real time, and maintain uniform pricing and processes at the POS across all stores.

In the future, SPAR Zimbabwe is planning to expand its technological footprint with eCommerce functionality, with online orders going into LS Central. The company has high ambitions, which include becoming the first self-service checkout chain in Africa. Knowing that LS Central can cover not only grocery, butchery, and bakery, but also pharmaceutical dispensaries, SPAR Zimbabwe is also considering implementing LS Central as a possible next phase for their pharmacies.

SPAR Zimbabwe knows that they can rely on LS Retail software solutions and Braintree to empower them to digitally transform and grow their business.

Spar Zimbabwe

LS Central has enabled the operational side of our business to become more efficient. Tasks that were previously done manually have now been automated. The ease of use of the system and its familiar look and feel have facilitated user adoption.

Rocco Malahias, Head of Business Intelligence
Spar Zimbabwe

All areas of our business are now managed by one system. Being built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, LS Central offers the business a solid roadmap and secure long-term investment into our IT and business management systems.

Rocco Malahias , Head of Business Intelligence

LS Retail implementation partner

Braintree by Vox Telecom (Pty) Ltd.

Braintree by Vox is a leading IT solutions provider, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era. As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, they deliver exceptional software solutions and consulting services to optimise operations and drive growth. With deep expertise in Microsoft technologies like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, they tailor solutions to meet diverse business needs.

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