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Since 1968, INTERSPORT has expanded fast to become the world’s biggest sports retailer. 

In Switzerland, INTERSPORT Schweiz AG is the franchise licensor of around 200 independent INTERSPORT partners. 

Business case

For years, INTERSPORT Schweiz AG used SAP ERP to manage their wholesale distribution, while every INTERSPORT franchisee ran their own individual software solution for retail. Data exchange among the different solutions was complex, and the company struggled to streamline operational processes and coordinate new customer experiences. It became evident to the company they had outgrown their systems and they couldn’t derive the benefits they needed from their software. 

INTERSPORT Schweiz AG decided to switch to a standardized, latest technology software solution that could support their whole range of operations. 

The company defined a clear set of requirements. The ideal solution would provide them with: 

  • a business management system available to all INTERSPORT franchisees 
  • an intuitive, easy-to-learn interface for all franchisees 
  • eCommerce integration, to bridge the gap between online and offline and deliver the best shopping experience 
  • process automation through central product maintenance and EDI integration with supplier partners and INTERSPORT franchisees 
  • effective replenishment inventory for general and seasonal items, and ability to react fast to customer demand  

As Switzerland is a popular winter sports destination, the system would also be required to support the seasonal nature of the business. 


The company decided to switch to LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which offered exactly what the company was looking for. LS Retail’s end-to-end solution LS Central enables retailers to run their entire business in one, powerful system. Moreover, the solution software supports INTERSPORT Schweiz AG’s vision for the future, and their ambitions in terms of omni-channel strategy.  

“Other solutions were out of the question,” says Ruben Meier, Head of IT at INTERSPORT Schweiz AG. 

LS Retail’s certified partner decs ag was able to develop a solution around the sports brand’s specific needs, including their EDI interface module and integration to rental modules that are widely used in Switzerland. The project was divided into three phases: 

  • Phase 1, the connection of the online shop and external logistics via decs ag EDI interface module occurred very smoothly.  
  • Phase 2, the creation of a uniform system, is still in progress: 18 INTERSPORT franchisees are already successfully running on LS Central, with plans to add three to five new stores every year.  
  • Phase 3, the replacement of SAP for all wholesale processes, planned for later in the year. 


By using one, unified system across its multiple locations, the management team at INTERSPORT Schweiz AG now has access to timely, accurate data they can use to inform decision-making. LS Central has brought further positive changes to the company, including:   

  • Unified business platform – INTERSPORT Schweiz AG now has a single, easy-to-use system for their whole organization and franchisees. 
  • Total overview of stock – The company gets an instant, clear view of all inventory across the business and is better able to sell what is available. 
  • Integrated eCommerce platform – The company can now run their online and physical stores in the same software solution.  
  • Improved product availability for each store – By connecting the online shop, major suppliers such as adidas, Nike, etc. deliver their product catalog electronically. This means all dealer stocks are considered. 
  • Simplified returnsThe company can now better handle product returns directly through the ERP. 

The company can’t wait to implement the system in more stores and grow customer engagement with the loyalty functionalities LS Central offers. They will also explore ways to fulfill orders from the store instead of the warehouse and integrate their eCommerce with more drop shipping partners. 

With support from LS Retail and decs ag, INTERSPORT Schweiz AG is confident they will remain the best multi-sporting goods destination. 

Intersport decs ag is for us a trustworthy and professional partner with great know-how in sports retail and with employees who are passionate about their customers and look after them closely.
Ruben Meier, Head of IT

LS Retail implementation partner

decs ag

As an IT partner for well-known retailers, decs ag is focusing on the challenges of modern retail business. They have developed solutions that cover all the requirements of the retail trade and consistently integrate all components, from the cash register to the financial accounting.

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