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Guest-centric property management software (PMS) for hotels and resorts

Optimize check-ins, checkouts, housekeeping, reservations, inventory management, and accounting, build loyalty, enhance efficiency and minimize manual errors with an all-in-one software platform for hotels

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Simplify daily operations and enhance guest experience with
LS Central for hotels

Manage your accommodations, identify returning guests, keep your data consistent, and work within a single software environment

LS Central for hotels is a software as a service (SaaS) based software that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s #1 ERP solution globally, adding all the hospitality features you need.

Run your hotel along with all your other services – including retail, restaurants, food service, and activities – within just one software platform.

You get all the in-depth industry functionality you need without ever having to switch systems, manually align data or struggle with integration issues. And since all your information is within one database, you get total visibility over your enterprise and your guests.

LS Central for hotels is ideal for:

Hotels looking for POS + ERP software with 10 to 250+ software
Hotel chains that need separate deployments for each location
i-mixed business
Hotels and resorts with elements of retail, food service and activities
Why LS Retail Software

Stay up to date automatically with a cloud-based PMS


No manual upgrades, better security

Eliminate the complexities and security hazards of dealing with multiple software solutions across your multifaceted business.

With LS Central for hotels you get one complete software platform hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Cloud that keeps you up to date on the latest version of the system automatically – no manual upgrades required.

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Reduce manual errors, save time and increase profitability with a single hospitality system

PMS & reservations

PMS & reservations

Do more with your POS than just close sales. Get all the information you need about your property and your guests from any device. Easily manage your reservations, and book additional services. Get a real-time overview of maintenance, housekeeping and bookings status, and maximize room occupancy. Recognize returning guests, and delight them with personalized offers and special touches.

  • Run check-in, sales, and services on any device – computer, tablet, mobile phone, or even self-service kiosks. Let guests check in and out in the way that’s most convenient for them and let them book rooms and facilities on your website, booking engines, through third party agents, or at the hotel.
  • See reservations for all your facilities in one place. Whether it’s hotel rooms, conference rooms, restaurant and dining services, spa bookings, or other amenities – you can manage all of it within the same software. Know right away whether guests have checked in, out, or were a no-show, and keep staff informed.
  • Connect your housekeeping and front desk to give your staff full visibility over housekeeping statuses. Know when rooms are clean/unclean and let the system automatically update the information to every device. Prioritize housekeeping based on occupancy and expected check-in/check-out times.
  • Manage group and corporate bookings on the same platform as individual bookings. Manage guest lists associated with each reservation, connect extra charges to specific guests, and create a separate invoice. Apply special rates for certain groups and modify reservations as needed.
  • Book additional services for your guests – room service requests, restaurant or spa reservations, and relevant activities – on any device and charge them to the room. Maintain accurate invoices and bill guests correctly with no effort. Learn more with Bookings for LS Central.
  • Always know the status of your guests. When you receive a check-in, check-out, no-show, or cancellation, the reservation is automatically updated everywhere in the system. See how many rooms each of your locations has available and take actions to minimize vacancy.

Guest engagement & loyalty

Personalize the guest experience based on guest preferences and sales history. Expand your loyalty program and offers and identify key trends across your business to help you improve your offerings.

  • Create a tiered loyalty program and offer guests exclusive benefits according to their membership level, such as room discounts, restaurant vouchers, and more. Keep track of when guests redeem rewards, and which rewards are most successful, to help you plan future loyalty promotions and campaigns.
  • Identify general trends across guest segments and use key insights to design special offers and packages for specific groups across your business, such as families, couples, or corporations. Gain a better understanding of what your guests want and how to best accommodate them to drive more sales.
  • Recognize returning guests at any of your properties and keep track their preferences and past interactions with your brand, from room requirements to favorite drink. Add special notes using the corresponding guest account and inform employees about their arrival to ensure the best service.


Manage room bookings, restaurant reservations, and all your extra services on one software platform. Track everything you’re selling and let the automations help you stock exactly the right number of items across your business, no more and no less.

  • Easily create new rates for room types and date ranges and determine BAR rates according to the daily room forecast. Keep track of what type of room rates are most often booked at your hotel, what types of guests are booking them, and track room discounts and inclusions. You can also create and maintain allotments throughout your hotel.
  • See a real-time view of your stock and always know what inventory you have on hand and across your locations. Easily find out what items you should reorder and in what quantities, so you never run out of complimentary in-room items, popular restaurant ingredients, or special spa products again.
  • Automatically cancel all services attached to a room booking when the booking is cancelled – no need to cancel everything manually. And you can decide how you want to resell the extra services to maximize your revenue for the day, such as reselling last-minute service bookings at a discount.


Store your data in one, centralized place and easily view key information with the system’s advanced Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting functionality, Analytics for LS Central. The intuitive interface allows you to figure out exactly where you are most profitable and helps you to identify areas that require more support.

  • Keep track of what’s selling the most at your hotel – type of rooms, packages, spa treatments, restaurant dishes – and get a clear picture of the most profitable areas of your business. Easily track services and respond quickly to overbookings or vendor issues.
  • Get a single version of the truth when you have all your data stored on one platform. Keep teams across your business informed using real-time insights and reports that can be shared securely within your enterprise and make data-driven decisions based on location.
  • Track your KPIs and immediately see if something is amiss – are you overbudget or underbudget? With an intuitive, graphical interface, you get a clear view of your business performance and are quickly alerted when action is needed. Learn more with Analytics for LS Central.

Staff Management

Ensure that your hotel has enough employees to staff the front desk, housekeeping, restaurants, and other services based on each season. Easily make last-minute changes to schedules and plan around vacation days and sick leave so you’re always prepared to meet demand.

  • Get real-time oversight over your employees and assign staff based on availability. Set up to the minute information on which staff members are free and which are booked to make effective use of your resources by filling empty slots and avoiding double-bookings.
  • Easily track appointments and hours worked by staff members who work on commission. This will help you simplify your accounting at the end of the month because the software calculates their compensation so you can pay them correctly and on time.
  • Clearly share and communicate schedules, not just with your employees who are on payroll, but with freelancers and other external professions such as instructors, catering services, entertainers, and make the most use of their time.


LS Central extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a robust ERP hosted in the secure and highly reliable Microsoft cloud. Get all the functionality offered by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, as well as advanced hospitality, F&B, and retail functionalities – whatever you need for your hotel business – within one unified software solution. 

  • With LS Central and Business Central your data flows seamlessly within one, consistent environment. Expand functionality as you need it and enjoy the same user experience across your entire hotel enterprise – never waste time managing separate systems again.
  • Assign permissions and roles to your staff and provide access to the right functionalities. Set access limitations for information and operations for specific users to minimize the risk of fraud within your business. Extend the solution with apps if needed.
  • Set budgets and keep an eye on how well your business is staying within budget or determine if you’ve gone over budget. With the software, you can set expense limits to help you stay on track and more easily manage your financials and reporting.
  • Run your whole business securely in the Microsoft cloud. View information from any device no matter where you are and transmit data safely within your enterprise using Microsoft datacenter encryption and keep all your information updated automatically.
Guest experience

Put the guest journey at the center

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Offer secure reservations for your rooms and facilities on your brand’s website, on booking engines, through third party agents as well as on the hotel premises. Recognize returning guests, and prepare for their arrival.

Add & modify
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Add & modify

Let your guests add extra services, from a bottle of champagne in the room to airport pickup, during and after booking. Keep track of upcoming tasks in the system’s Role Center and make sure all requests are met, every time.

Check in
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Check in
Check guests in quickly and smoothly. Recognize returning customers and make their experience memorable with personalized touches. Never ask again “Have you stayed with us before?”
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From room service to wellness treatments, from tennis court rentals to dry cleaning, you can add extra services to a guest’s bill any time during their stay, from any Point of Sale.
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Encourage guests to return with enticing loyalty programs. Use customer data to personalize rewards, and let your guests spend their points as they prefer.
Check out
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Check out
Make the checkout process as quick and smooth as your customers demand. Let guests check out as they please – at the desk, online, via mobile.

What our customers say about our hospitality software solutions


Simultaneous visibility into customers’ different reservations and preferences gives us new opportunities to improve customer experience and to identify customer requirements. This will help us better develop products that are even more customer-oriented.

Heikki Hietanen CEO
Read Success Story
Blue Lagoon Iceland

LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provided us with one unified solution, covering retail, restaurant, hotel, activities, and member management. And it does not require us to do any integrations.

Sigurdur Long CIO & CDO
Read Success Story
CMH Heli-Skiing

LS Central came out as a strong winner after this process. It covered many more of our requirements out of the box than any other software we considered.

Andrew Grasmuck Director IT/IS & Retail
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Get all your questions answered

Choosing the right property management software for your hotel, resort or entertainment enterprise can be an overwhelming experience. We’re here to help and answer your questions. Just contact us!  

Multifaceted businesses

Get the right functionality for your resort and hotel chain

Choose LS Central for hotels and get one software solution that covers all the separate businesses in your hotel

Restaurants & food service
i-shopping bags
Retail stores & gift shops
i-booking calendar
Activities & appointments
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