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Van Zon

Van Zon runs four locations and is open year-round, seven days a week, for both in-store pickups and home deliveries. "We only close on Christmas Day and New Year's Day,”says Marion Van Zon, General Manager at Van Zon.

Business case

Van Zon has relied on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and LS Retail software for many years, working closely with local LS Retail partner TCOG. The initial project with TCOG included:

  • Implementing LS Retail POS and retail management software
  • Equipping warehouses with scanning and voice-picking technologies
  • Enabling digital invoicing
  • Creating an online store

Due to their evolving business requirements, Van Zon recently upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, alongside the latest version of LS Central POS and retail management software. The upgrade project had two main objectives: to improve operational efficiency and enhance the company’s ability to make data-driven decisions.

Van Zon has greatly valued the support provided by TCOG through each implementation phase. “We have a core team of three internal IT staff members, which we complement with TCOG’s experts, each bringing their unique expertise,” says Van Zon. “It's great that so much knowledge and expertise can be found in one company. They are always on standby, they understand the service we need, and think along with us.”


LS Central has provided numerous benefits for Van Zon, but here are a few key key improvements the company has experienced:

  • Real-time inventory visibility - Thanks to the detailed insights and analytics provided by LS Central, Van Zon can accurately track products throughout its entire supply chain. “As legislation becomes stricter, it’s crucial for us to be able to trace each product all the way from the warehouse to the kitchen,” says Van Zon. “Business Central and LS Central enable us to scan lot codes and production codes to track the products.” This capability supports Van Zon’s commitment to quality and compliance and improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Automated replenishment - With the automated replenishment tools in LS Central, Van Zon has been able to streamline and simplify their ordering process from suppliers. The system analyzes sales data from the past eight weeks and current stock levels to determine the optimal quantities to order, ensuring effective inventory management. This automation also helps to reduce the risk of stockouts and overstock situations. Looking ahead, Van Zon aims to leverage these insights to enhance customer service and increase profitability. “With insights into customers’ purchasing history over the past eight weeks, we could provide personalized recommendations, offering them products they're likely to need,” says Van Zon.
  • Seamless shopping experience online and in-store - LS Central provides instant updates across all channels, whether it's inventory, pricing, or product information, maintaining accuracy and meeting customer expectations. This means Van Zon can seamlessly adapt to diverse shopping behaviors and provide a unified experience across all their sales platforms. "Over 70% of delivery orders are placed online, and eCommerce makes up 25% of total sales in our cash-and-carry stores,” says Van Zon. Many customers use a hybrid shopping approach, combining online orders with in-store visits to explore products. With LS Central, Van Zon ensures a seamless and consistent shopping experience both in-store and online.
  • Integration with in-house platform for chip shops - Van Zon has recently launched Snackdeals, an exclusively online platform for chip shops that offers A-brands at highly competitive prices. Snackdeals cuts costs by eliminating traditional wholesaler services: there’s no physical stock, no sales representatives on the road, and all operations occur online. Customers prepay for items and deliveries are made within five working days. TCOG has developed a dedicated online shop for Snackdeals that seamlessly integrates with Business Central and LS Central. As soon as an order is received by Snackdeals, it immediately goes to Van Zon, who then fulfill the order and generate the invoice as they would for their own business.

The future looks promising for the catering wholesaler, knowing LS Retail and TCOG can support their ambitions. Van Zon and TCOG are currently working on automating route planning to enhance delivery efficiency. “Many customers depend on daily deliveries, but managing precise, urban distribution is becoming more challenging," says Van Zon, "Determining which cities and streets are accessible after 11:00 am, identifying bottlenecks, and accommodating customer preferences - all of these factors make route planning complex." To make deliveries more sustainable, Van Zon is also testing refrigerated electric delivery bikes in two cities. TCOG is supporting these initiatives by developing the necessary features and integrations.

Following the acquisition of a former Metro branch earlier this year, Van Zon continues to explore further acquisition opportunities. “There is potential for growth as there are over 400 catering wholesalers in Belgium!” says Van Zon.

Van Zon As legislation becomes stricter, it’s crucial for us to be able to trace each product from the warehouse to the kitchen. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Central enable us to scan lot codes and production codes to track the products.
Marion Van Zon, General Manager

LS Retail implementation partner


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