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Super Selectos

Supported by a workforce of more than 7,500 employees and a vast network of suppliers, Super Selectos is dedicated to delivering top-quality products.


The grocery chain’s decision to select LS Retail software as its new business management system was driven by several key factors, with the first being the system’s comprehensive capabilities. “LS Retail software provides a robust set of functionalities that align with our business needs, bringing together point of sale (POS), inventory, eCommerce, financial management, and more,” says David Cahen, Executive Director at Super Selectos. “We were impressed by how LS Retail software enables seamless communication across all aspects of our business operations.” Other decisive criteria included:

  • Flexibility: “LS Retail software offers customization options that enable us to adapt the software to our specific requirements and preferences,” says Cahen. With this flexibility, Super Selectos can optimize the system according to their needs and provide a personalized experience for both customers and their internal team.
  • Scalability: As a growing supermarket chain, Super Selectos needed a system that could scale with its expansion and adapt to its evolving needs. “Scalability was a crucial consideration for us,” says Cahen. “Whether we're opening new stores, expanding our product offerings, or entering new markets, LS Retail software provides the adaptability to scale alongside our business.”
  • Proven track record – Super Selectos chose LS Retail because of its strong track record in the retail and hospitality sectors, and its reputation for delivering reliable, innovative solutions. “By partnering with LS Retail, we gain access to their expertise, industry knowledge, and ongoing support, empowering us to drive growth and success in our business,” says Cahen.

The team at Super Selectos worked closely with local LS Retail partner, Nostico, throughout the implementation process. Implementing the new system posed several challenges, including data replication and migration, customization, and integration with existing systems. However, through careful planning, comprehensive training, support from their IT partner, and effective change management strategies, the company successfully overcame these challenges. “The project was a success and it helped us enormously at a time when we were expanding our retail chain,” says Cahen.

Super Selectos found their partnership with Nostico to be highly productive and collaborative. “We maintained open and transparent communication with Nostico throughout the process,” says Cahen. “Regular meetings, progress updates, and clear documentation kept everyone aligned with the project goals.” When issues arose during the implementation, Nostico was quick to respond with timely resolutions, and even beyond this phase, they continued to offer ongoing support and assistance. “Whether it was troubleshooting issues, optimizing system performance, or introducing new features, their support was invaluable in ensuring long-term success,” says Cahen.


LS Retail software empowers Super Selectos to operate more efficiently, enhance the customer experience, make smart decisions, and stay competitive in the retail industry. It supports the business in several ways:

  • Streamlining operations by bringing all key business processes together.
  • Improving customer experience through personalized promotions, offers, and recommendations.
  • Providing data-driven insights with advanced analytics tools, enabling better decision-making.
  • Enabling seamless integration with other systems, streamlining workflows and reducing errors.

Since implementing the new system, the company has observed tangible results, including:

  • Enhanced staff efficiency and productivity – “The streamlined processes and automation provided by LS Retail software have improved efficiency and productivity among our staff,” says Cahen. “With tasks such as sales tracking, and reporting being handled more seamlessly, our employees can focus on providing better service to our customers.”
  • Increased transaction volume – “With the implementation of the new system, we have witnessed a 30% increase in transactions per hour at the POS terminals due to faster checkout processes and improved system responsiveness,” says Cahen.
  • Improved customer service – “The POS system enables us to provide enhanced customer service through personalized interactions and quicker responses to customer inquiries, with access to real-time data”, says Cahen.
  • Higher customer satisfaction – “We have seen a 15% increase in customer retention rates as a result of providing a seamless and consistent shopping experience across all channels,” says Cahen.
  • Revenue growth – “We’ve increased our revenue by more than 6% through targeted promotions.”

Based on the positive impacts they've already experienced - from cost savings and increased productivity to revenue growth and improved customer satisfaction - Super Selectos is confident that they’ve found the right solution to support their current operations and future growth.

Super Selectos The implementation of LS Retail software solution has transformed our business operations, allowing us to streamline processes, elevate customer service, and expand our market share. Not only have we enhanced the shopping experience for our customers, but we’ve also strengthened our leadership and consumer preference in the ever-evolving El Salvador retail landscape.
David Cahen, Executive Director

LS Retail implementation partner


Nostico is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and continuous improvement methodologies to empower businesses in reaching their objectives. Their core expertise lies in the seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, LS Retail solutions, and the creation of tailored functionalities or modules for each product they offer. Their primary mission is to provide agile and high-quality services, guaranteeing a rapid return on investment for their clients.

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