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Poetzsch Padborg GmbH & Co.KG

As Poetzsch Padborg, a supermarket specializing in Danish goods, expanded its operations, it faced a series of technical challenges. The lack of integration between various systems used by different companies and the warehouse became a major concern. Discrepancies in stock inventory between the warehouse and different store locations added to the complexity. Additionally, Poetzsch Padborg needed a solution to generate slip printouts that complied with Scandinavian legal requirements. In order to streamline its operations and achieve optimal efficiency, the company embarked on a search for a comprehensive software system that could integrate all processes, from purchasing and sales to inventory management, marketing, and finance. By centralizing its operations, Poetzsch Padborg aimed to gain a holistic overview of its entire business and enhance its overall performance.

Looking for a powerful, integrated retail solution

After carefully evaluating various options, Poetzsch Padborg made the decision to implement the LS Retail software solution. This powerful POS built on Microsoft Dynamics ERP seamlessly manages all of the business's essential processes from one comprehensive platform. What impressed Poetzsch Padborg even more was the fact that the LS Retail software solution easily supports enhancements by implementation partners, allowing for process optimization and the addition of specific functionalities. Despite the complexity of the project, the implementation went smoothly with the invaluable assistance of LS Retail's partner, akquinet. Klaus Paap, Head of IT at Poetzsch Padborg, explains, "We needed to bring together different companies under one unified solution, ensuring that data and processes were synchronized throughout the entire organization. Now, we have the capability to utilize centrally managed data for all of our companies, including vendors, customers, and items."

Real benefits with LS Retail software

Poetzsch Padborg has successfully transformed its processes and reaped numerous benefits from implementing the LS Retail software solution. By adopting an all-encompassing approach that includes both a powerful POS system and efficient financial management, the company has achieved remarkable optimization of its internal operations. The consolidation of finances from multiple companies into a single finance department has not only increased efficiency but also provided more accurate financial data. Furthermore, the purchasing department now offers centralized services to other companies through inter-company functionalities and processes, bolstering their negotiating power with vendors. The discount and pricing features of the LS Retail software have proven indispensable for Poetzsch Padborg, with these functions being the most frequently utilized. Additionally, the software's seamless handling of multiple currencies, a crucial aspect for a shop that deals with purchases in Euro and Danish Krone on a daily basis, has greatly facilitated operations. By optimizing sales price calculations, the software solution has significantly boosted margins and total revenue for Poetzsch Padborg.

With the LS Retail software solution driving increased efficiency and accuracy, Poetzsch Padborg is now able to run its companies with utmost effectiveness.

Poetzsch Padborg GmbH & Co.KG

Poetzsch Padborg’s target was to be able to verify and eventually optimize processes. Therefore the solution had to be able to follow the requirements in an easy way.

Klaus Paap, Head of IT