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Become a contender in today's ultra-competitive fashion & apparel market

With the global apparel market amounting to some $1.2 trillion per year and per capita spending averaging $1,500 in the U.S. and Europe, there are massive opportunities for retailers. But there are also massive and emerging challenges. New technologies like the mobile phone have put brand-savvy consumers in the driver seat, leaving retailers scrambling to maintain a consistent, rewarding, responsive and reliable customer brand experience.

Coupled with a competitive landscape, long manufacturing lead times, bi-annual buying cycles, complex size, color and style forecasting, omni-channel consumer expectations, in-store stock availability and customer service challenges, it goes without saying that fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable in order to thrive.


LS Fashion is here to help


A cost-effective POS and fully integrated back-office
retail software solution

LS Fashion is an all-in-one retail software solution that integrates your entire fashion retail business from POS operations to accounting and inventory management. Providing omni-channel visibility, enhancing the flexibility of POS terminals, reducing store administration, and ensuring real-time data lookup are just a few of the capabilities that LS Fashion offers to help increase revenue and reduce operating costs for your fashion retail business.

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Eliminate fashion pain points

There are no shortage of pain points for fashion and apparel retailers. From online shopping pains like size accuracy, ease of item returns/exchanges and item quality validation, to in-store challenges including limited inventory and “showrooming“, you need a solution that covers you at every stage of your operation, from the front-end POS sales to accounting and inventory management. LS Fashion is that solution.

Omni-channel visibility

LS Fashion’s omni-channel options give customers the flexibility to browse within the store, then purchase online and vice versa. They can also choose whether to pick up or have their products shipped.

Staff members armed with mobile POS devices can process payments and assist shoppers with selecting sizes, styles and availability, as well as placing orders online if an item is unavailable in-store.



All-in-one software solution

With LS Retail’s cutting-edge technology, you can make your fashion retail business more competitive through a cost-effective POS and fully integrated back office system.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LS Fashion is an all-in-one complete solution which integrates the entire business from POS operation to accounting and inventory management. LS Fashion can help you manage the complexities of fashion retail with easy-to-use, lightning fast technologies.

Customer buying behavior tracking

With LS Fashion, customers’ purchase history and information is a click away. This enables the ability to easily identify different customer profiles that can then be used to create tailored offers and promotions that will call your customers to action. Customer loyalty can also be tracked and linked to customized rewards that incorporate social information, shopping behavior and more.


LS BI-Tablet-Surface Pro-analytics-intelligence

Predictive analytics

Incorporating predictive analytic tools, LS Fashion helps retailers improve demand forecast accuracy and suggest better allocation and replenishment strategies.

By facilitating rapid, scan-based receiving, putaway and inventory counts, retailers experience improved accuracy on the store floor and decreased time spent with order processing.

Inventory management

If a customer can’t find what he or she wants on your website or at your store, you will lose your sale to a competitor.

LS Fashion eliminates this risk with powerful inventory management capabilities that allow retailers to keep tabs on their stock in real time, and receive sales-data analysis so they can make more informed inventory purchase

tablet-ipad-LS BI-inventory-management-intelligence

What can LS Fashion do for your business?

i-fashion-Ensure accurate financial data
Ensure accurate financial data

Increase revenue and reduce operating costs by eliminating inconsistencies caused by unreliable financial data.

i-fashion-Complete control of your business
Complete control of your business

Manage risks and get complete control with one comprehensive solution.

i-fashion-Combine online & offline shopping
Combine online & offline shopping

Combine the online and offline shopping experience and master the omni-channel fashion retailing environment.

i-fashion-Customized to fit your business
Customized to fit your business

Enhance POS terminal flexibility and agility through an open, easily customizable application.

i-fashion-Extend your POS terminal
Extend your POS terminal

Extend the POS terminal from a simple sales device to a useful sales assistant’s tool with up-to-date inventory, store and location data.

i-fashion-Provide real time data lookup
Provide real time data lookup

Ensure real time data lookup for critical transactions, including loyalty discounts, gift cards, returns and refunds.


See how LS Retail Software Solutions helped adidas

In retail there are constantly new trends to study and watch out for, including omni-channel strategy. Having the customer at the center of your retail business is vital for success. LS Retail can easily support your growth strategy, help meet demands and deliver results.

—  Martin Walz, adidas

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Your business will thrive with LS Retail

Robust stock control

Receive detailed information from customer sales and find the right product mix to meet sales goals and maximize revenue.

Efficient data synchronization

Reduce latency by up to 50% by updating store data in a centralized database with reporting access.

Loyalty program

Loyalty programEasy access to customers anywhere through mobile applications and a web portal.

Open-to-buy capability

Allow merchandisers to stay informed as to what is available and what they need to buy.

Increased net ROI

Return on investment is approximately 30% higher than on other platforms.

Improved warehouse efficiency

Up to 60% reduction in time spent managing warehouse processes.

Head office control

Streamline operations with head office control over store pricing.

Scale your business

Support rapid growth across channels, geographical areas, brands and suppliers while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

Increased productivity

Benefit from extensive automation capabilities to improve work and sales processes.

Streamlined financial processes

Cut end-of-month processes from one week to one day.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right POS system or fashion-store business management software solution can be an overwhelming experience. We are here to help.

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