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Why Think Tribe became an LS Retail partner

Getting an edge over competition

Think Tribe is specialized in LS Retail - we don’t do anything else. There are a lot of retail systems available, but they often require you to have a separate retail system, a separate hospitality system, a separate back-office system.

The major unique selling proposition (USP) of LS Retail is that it provides everything together. It gives us an edge over our competition, and it puts us one step ahead, because we can go to the customer offering everything they need end to end. From the customers' perspective this means one partner, one principle, one license. It is easy to handle and manage, and gives them real value.

A real community

The biggest advantage of being part of the LS Retail partner community is having the chance to work together. Everyone at LS Retail has always been very open to our ideas and to work with us. We have learned how to work as a team and deliver to our customers together. It is a big thing because none of the other big software houses have this kind of teamwork focused on customer delivery. That is a huge learning.

When dealing with LS Retail customers, we know that we can promise them specific improvements, because LS Retail will back us up. We have been working closely with LS Retail on every customer we have ever approached in the last six to eight years.

The LS Retail team is always helpful, and provides the right information or redirects us to the respective teams. That empowers us and enables us to answer our customer inquiries, for example those about product  roadmaps.

A few years ago, we had a large retail customer. After we did the entire implementation and after a successful rollout, the customer wanted to have 24/7 support, which we could not provide. We handed this customer over to another certified LS Retail partner, and LS Retail helped us transition the customer. What some would see as losing business, we see as synergy and collaboration that help the entire ecosystem do better as a whole.

Think Tribe and LS Retail

Spokesperson and title:
Zia Manna – Managing Director
Years being an LS Retail partner:
Since 2016
Countries in which they operate:
MENA region

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