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Planet Telecoms

Today, Planet Telecoms sells their products through three different channels: online, through their own StarHub Exclusive Partner stores in shopping malls, and major handset manufacturers such as Oppo and Samsung. To stand out from their competitors, Planet Telecoms use technology to offer customers greater convenience and an enhanced, personalized shopping experience across all channels.

Business case

Before they decided to implement new management software for their business, Planet Telecoms had been working with Unipro POS system and Sage ERP Accpac for almost ten years. While the company experienced frequent technical problems with their POS system, the lack of communication between the two systems ultimately meant the financial team was spending too much time on manual processes. To avoid the same situation in the future, the company decided to move to an end-to-end retail management software that would provide POS and ERP functionalities in the same platform.


After evaluating multiple software solutions, Planet Telecoms decided to switch to LS Central software because it provides everything they need to manage their operations efficiently, from head office to POS and eCommerce. LS Retail software is a centralized POS and retail management software solution that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. “With a unified software, processes can be streamlined, leading to increased efficiency,” says Wong Keng Wan, IT Group Director of TeleChoice International Limited.

Local LS Retail partner CyanSYS worked with Planet Telecoms to ensure the solution would meet their specific business needs. “Implementing a new system is always a complex process, especially when it involves integrating various retail requirements and scenarios,” says Keng Wan. “The implementation phase required thorough analysis, planning, and customization to suit our operations.” Both parties agreed that they were able to gain useful insights into all aspects of the business during implementation and clearly define their operational requirements. After just six months, all stores went live with the LS Retail solution. “We were lucky to have our IT partner CyanSYS to guide us based on best practices in the retail industry,” says Keng Wan.


Planet Telecoms is very satisfied with their new management software with Keng Wan stating, “LS Retail software solution has been instrumental in enhancing our business performance and taking us to new heights.” Some of the benefits for the company include:

  • Viewing all key business information in one system. “In the past, we struggled with manual tasks, disjointed systems, and limited visibility,” says Keng Wan. “With LS Retail software, we can easily track inventory levels, monitor sales performance, and make decisions that drive growth and profitability.”
  • Improved inventory management and supply chain efficiency. They can track inventory across all sales channels in real time and ensure that the right products are available when needed, minimizing stockouts and avoiding lost sales opportunities.
  • Higher efficiency and productivity. Automatically transferring the data between the POS and ERP systems removes double-data entry, thus saving time and reducing errors. The staffcan finally focus on more valuable tasks and spend more time interacting with customers.

Looking ahead, Planet Telecoms plans to continue leveraging technology to meet their customers’ demands. The company is looking at adding Analytics, a business intelligence (BI) powered module, which will help them gain meaningful insights into their sales data and business performance. This will also enable them to identify customer trends, optimize pricing and promotions, forecast demand, and make decisions that support their goals.

Planet Telecoms Implementing LS Retail software has truly transformed our business. We now have a comprehensive view of our operations, streamlined processes, and improved data accuracy.
Wong Keng Wan, IT Group Director of TeleChoice International Limited

LS Retail implementation partner

CyanSYS Sdn Bhd

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