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Since the company’s founding in 1907, Jawhara has been known for their expert craftsmanship and for providing every customer with the same care and precision. The company takes inspiration from various cultures when designing their collections, and works with designers from Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Bahrain, India, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

In 2018, Dr. Mohamed Omar, a Cairo-based jeweler, introduced the Jawhara brand to the Egyptian market, where the company now operates over 20 stores.

Business case

Jawhara wanted to upgrade an older version of the LS Retail system to a newer version of LS Central for their Egyptian stores. They wanted to modernize their software to achieve better connectivity and centralize business data across all departments and locations.


Jawhara primarily selected LS Central so they would get a single, real-time view of all their business information: products, sales, and customers. LS Central enables businesses like Jawhara to control all their key processes from front to back, including POS, ERP (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), store operations, supply chain, inventory, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

As the company deals with special orders and custom-made items on a daily basis, they needed a solution that would enable them to track work orders in real time. LS Retail's Egypt-based partner Dynamics Link customized LS Central so that it would also be able to handle the complex price fluctuations that the company experiences within the gold industry.

Thanks to the product and industry expertise of the team at Dynamics Link, and their efficiency, Jawhara successfully migrated their business to LS Central. “Dynamics Link quickly understood the issues we were faced with, we could feel they had been supporting other businesses in the same industry,” says Mohamed Abdelrahaman, General Manager at Jawhara, “they solved all our issues on the spot.”


Since they now have a modern software solution with unified POS and financials, Jawhara have seen many improvements to their business. The company has access to precise and up to date information and uses this information to plan their day-to-day activities effectively. Some of the features they appreciate the most include:

  • Setting up items, prices, offers, and promotions centrally and applying them automatically to all their stores 
  • Tracking what’s been sold and what’s available in each store 
  • Managing and tracking custom made items in real-time, from purchasing and production all the way to customer delivery 
  • Simplified product information management, including export declaration and insurance confirmation

This latest upgrade project has given Jawhara a new suite of benefits to look forward to with LS Retail software.

Jawhara With LS Central, we now have access to real-time financial information in the back office, which enabled us to eliminate many administrative tasks and focus on high-value customer-facing activities.
Mohamed Abdelrahaman, General Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

Dynamics Link

Dynamics Link is an award-winning technology provider that offers software solutions and services that boost sales, reduce costs, analyze finances, and ensure security. They cater to the needs of various industries including retail, F&B, hospitality, pharmaceutical, trading, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, governments, and more. Their goal is to empower businesses with solutions that elevate their operational wheel and business growth.

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