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Nike by Air

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Welcome to the Nike by Air store - welcome to retailing in the 21st century.

Nike has a goal of inspiring everyone to participate in sports and for this purpose the company utilizes innovation that is unique among producers of sporting goods.

With the new system, our store has a mobile point of sale system that lets us easily sell products, process payments and manage our store — all from a mobile device. Our staff are now freed from being behind a conventional register, and can assist our customers wherever in the store and accept any form of payment, anywhere and at anytime, from a smart device. Most of our customers are young savvy mobile users, people on the run, and do not have time to stand in line. We demand from our store to match what we stand for: to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete and customer in the world. With our new Mobile POS solution from LS Retail we can sell from anywhere inside and outside the store floor and look up customer information. Floor space is very expensive. With our new solution, we are reclaiming the store floor and can sell even more merchandise and increase sales per square foot. To make a sale, our customers simply have to select their items, swipe a credit card, and print or email the receipt. That’s all there is to it and it is very secure.

Nike by Air

Revolutionize the shopping experience with LS Mobile POS: enhance the in-store experience, process secure payments on the spot, send the receipt via email. Simple, secure and cost effective!

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