A software solution to drive guest satisfaction and loyalty on all sales channels

Engage customers online, in the restaurant, at the curbside

Guest loyalty and engagement

Serve guests on their own terms

To build customer loyalty in your restaurant, you must be able to recognize returning guests and reward them with offers that hit the spot. With LS Central, you can identify loyal guests and send them personalized rewards, deals, and messages based on their habits, preferences, and history.

To stay popular with your guests, you must also make sure they can order and eat their meal where, when, and as they prefer. With LS Central you can offer online ordering, self-service kiosks, take away, curbside pick-up – giving your guests all the options they look for, all the time.


Build an effective loyalty and rewards program

Achieve your goals and satisfy your guests: with LS Central for restaurants, you can design your loyalty program the way you (and your guests) want it.

  • Create multiple levels of membership (for example, Bronze, Silver and Gold) with increasing benefits.
  • Decide how guests can collect and spend points.
  • Analyze and segment customers based on their habits and preferences, and send personalized offers, deals, and discounts.
  • Create campaigns just for a specific channel, customer group, or for some restaurant locations.
  • Send guests personalized recommendations to entice them to try new dishes or return more often.

Know your guests

When you run a loyalty program, you collect large quantities of data. LS Central organizes this data in a highly accessible way, so you can connect the dots and better align what you offer to what your guests are looking for.

  • Spot trends, identify what different types of guests like, and anticipate demand.
  • Create more effective marketing
  • Plan happy hours, special offers, and meal deals, and track their popularity and return on investment (ROI).
  • Discover what vouchers, promotions and offers guests redeem, when and on which channels.
  • Optimize your menus. For example, you may add a new meal deal if you discover that some dishes are frequently bought together.
  • Plan events that require reservation like gala dinners or cooking courses using the LS Activity add-on, and measure their success.
  • Use order information from all channels to build a 360-degree profile of each guest.

Take away, order online, eat in: let your guests decide

Do your guests want to sit at a table and have a server take their order? Or would they rather order online, and pick up their meal? Whatever their preference, with LS Central you can give them the experience they desire.

  • Add self-ordering options: let customers order on their mobile, or at the restaurant, at kiosks or on tablets.
  • Let customers order online or on the phone, and decide when they want to get their food.
  • Offer all the pick-up options you want, including home delivery, curbside pick-up, pick-up at the counter, and drive-thru. Takeaway orders are labelled differently on the kitchen display systems (KDS) so your chefs can pack them appropriately.

Build customer trust with accurate orders

Take good care of your guests. With LS Central you can ensure that customers know what goes in their dishes, and that each order is prepared to the guest’s specifications.

  • Let guests easily modify dishes and meals, adding or removing ingredients or changing combos (for example, selecting salad instead of fries as a side).
  • Keep guests informed: access all ingredients and allergens for each dish at the POS, on the self-service machines, and online.
  • Out of filet mignon? Don’t disappoint customers: update your digital menus centrally, and keep all your information accurate and real-time.
  • Seamlessly communicate all requests and changes to the kitchen. The POS sends the order to the kitchen displays, where all special demands are clearly marked next to the dish.
  • Deliver dishes to the table in the correct order and at the right time with synced preparation.

Design your guest engagement strategy

Offers, specials, discounts, deals

Set a weekday lunch discount or a happy hour in just some of your locations. LS Central offers a powerful promotion engine.

Mix and combine promotions

Design the strategy that works best for you and your customers, and activate as few or as many promotions you want.


Offer meal combos

Sell combinations of items, for example cappuccino + bagel, for a special price. Track each combo’s popularity, and adjust if needed.

No more paper loyalty cards

Offer an online loyalty program that your customers can log into to check their points and redeem rewards at any time.



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Nik Bakers

We used to have lots of challenges with indenting, replenishment, planning, and inter-store transfer. With LS Retail software we were able to manage it quite efficiently. We reduced around 15% of stock without compromising sales. Our revenues increased by 10% in the first year, and 25% in the second year.

—  MD, Nik Bakers

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