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Maya Maya

Maya Maya is a Swiss fashion brand of outdoor clothing, selling specialized apparel for skiing, mountain-climbing, running, fitness and leisure. The company runs four stores in different countries across Europe.

Looking for a complete solution

The company started to expand when they still had no POS or ERP system in place. Maya Maya immediately realized that the lack of an IT system was making the business difficult to manage – and the problems would only get worse as the brand grew. The retailer spent over two years looking for the right software solution which would serve all their needs as regards sales, back office, warehouse management and integration to their webstore. On top of that, Maya Maya had an added challenge: all this had to be done at an international scale. Finally, Maya Maya wished to implement the new system in the cloud, in a subscription-based model in order to lower the cost of IT equipment and to be able to flexibly manage the number of POS devices depending on needs on a monthly basis.

A flexible and scalable tool

Maya Maya selected the LS Retail software solution because it is an end-to-end system that can meet all of the brand’s demands, enabling them to grow and supporting them all the way. At the same time it is a flexible solution, which can easily be adapted to Maya Maya’s unique processes. LS Retail software was the top choice for Maya Maya also because of the system’s many services and processes, which include data replication and web services. It is a reliable retail solution, and LS Retail’s history and fame guarantees that its technology will always be up to date.

An implementation in the cloud

Maya Maya decided to set up the new system with the support of Krajnik, an LS Retail implementation partner. The LS Retail software solution was deployed in the cloud with a subscription-based license. The system was immediately connected to the brand's webstore.

A reliable system for international brands

Today many of Maya Maya’s unique requirements, including central ordering and special paths for delivery of goods, are easily managed in standard LS Retail software. Management of fashion items, which have a high number of attributes, used to be a challenge. With LS Retail software it’s simple, as the system offers an excellent categorization of items. Maya Maya was also happy to discover that with LS Retail software it’s easy to use multiple pricelists, currencies and languages in different countries, as the system is designed to support multinational businesses. With its new system, Maya Maya can easily manage inventory: the warehouse module enables effective trailing and management of items in stockrooms. Today, Maya Maya can effectively plan and execute marketing activities that increase retention, including running loyalty programs, promotional activities and discounts. As the LS Retail software solution covers the whole business front to back, employees can now have an overview of back office and POS operations at all times. Ultimately, in Maya Maya’s view, the LS Retail software solution covers all the requirements and needs of the fashion industry. It is a solution which can easily be implemented in the cloud, is simple to manage and quick to adapt to one's needs.

Maya Maya

We chose the LS Retail software solution because it is a global system which we can use all over the world. As we are ready to expand also outside of Europe, we wanted to keep all administration for all the stores in one system. For this we found the LS Retail software solution to be the best choice.

Vivien Takacs, Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

Krajnik računalništvo d.o.o.

Krajnik has extensive experience in implementing business management solutions. It was founded in 1992 and focuses on small and medium enterprises. Krajnik is a localizator of LS Retail and has affiliates in Serbia and Croatia.

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