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Workforce management

Maximize your staff productivity and satisfaction. Plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, and gain a clear overview of timetabling, costs, and budget requirements.

Reduce manual jobs and save time

Centrally access all time registration, budgeting and planning information for your enterprise. This overview simplifies staffing and distribution planning. The system automatically checks worked hours against the plan, and notifies managers in case of inconsistencies or errors.

Keep total control over staffing costs

With LS Central, you can easily calculate staff costs and analyze performance. All information is available in a central place, so you can quickly compare locations and time periods, analyze the cost of each employee by work code, shift, role, and compare this figure to sales information to see salary costs as a percentage of sales.


Communicate clearly with employees

Give employees the flexibility they need, while keeping control over the staffing budget. In the system’s employee portal, staff can monitor their hours, view upcoming shifts, ask for shift changes or time off and see their manager’s responses to these requests. The system immediately alerts managers to any requests that need addressing.


Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Managing your staff doesn't need to be a manual, tedious task. Discover how the right software tool can give you back time to focus on what really matters.

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Why LS Retail staff management software solution?

Salary management

Compare actual staff costs against your budget, and ensure accurate salary hours with the automated control tools.

Sales commission

The system calculates and reports sales commission amounts, so you can easily reward best-performing employees.

Loss prevention

Protect your margins: the system analyzes all transactions, and alerts managers when transactions match pre-defined triggers.

Staff permissions

Centrally define staff permissions for specific operations such as returning items, selling over discount limits, and more.

Fast time registration

Let employees clock in and out using employee cards, ID, eye scanners or fingerprint scanning at the POS.

Error identification and resolution

With time registration, budgeting and planning in one place you can quickly compare budgets/planning and actuals.

The Baby's Corner

We now have an all-in-one software platform. Financial management, customer management and online store are centralized, which saves us time.

—  Sonia Pypaert, The Baby' Corner

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