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Staff management

Manage your staff efficiently, reduce manual tasks and cut costs. The staff management tools in the system help you plan staff rosters, estimate costs and compare estimates to budget to make sure you are always operating in profit.


Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Managing your staff doesn't need to be a manual, tedious task. Discover how the right software tool can give you back time to focus on what really matters.

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Reduce manual work and mistakes

Eliminate manual tasks, and reduce duplicated work, errors, and time wasted. LS Central includes automations to:

  • Compare hours worked with the plan, and highlight inconsistencies
  • Plan schedules
  • Adjust role budgets based on internal and external factors.

Optimize staffing

In LS Central, it’s easy for management to adjust role budgets, plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours throughout the whole business. The system can automatically alert managers when more or fewer staff members are needed based on sales forecast, expected stock deliveries, sales budgets, and even external factors like the weather forecast.



Analyze staff performance

Keep your staffing costs in check. With time registration, budgeting and planning information in the same system, it’s easier to calculate your costs. Compare between locations and periods, analyze the cost of each employee, work code, shift and role. Compare actual costs and performance against the plan on a daily weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

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Learn the 7 most common mistakes food-service and restaurant owners make when selecting business software or POS systems, and how to avoid falling in those traps.

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Why LS Central for restaurant and food service businesses?

Streamlined communication

In the employee portal, staff and management can track hours, see upcoming shifts, request changes and reply to them.

Loss prevention

With time registration, budgeting and planning in one place, you can quickly identify errors or fraudulent activity.

Salary management

The system automatically compares salary hours to the schedule, helping you pinpoint mistakes early in the salary process.

Rapid time registration

Staff can clock in and out using employee cards, ID, eye scanners or fingerprint scanning from the POS or PC.


LS Retail is a very flexible instrument that can be adjusted according to our business-needs. Configuration and customization requires additional investment, but I believe that these investments will be returned. I can see already that I’ve made the right choice and got a powerful instrument for managing business and creation of unique loyalty programs.

—  Alex Turin, Mamamia

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