Manage your staff
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Staff management

Keep total control
over personnel costs
and processes

Retail workforce management software facilitates team communication and empowers store and franchise managers to manage their resources within the budget.

In the LS Central Staff Management functionality, you can plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, handle absences like vacations or sick days easily, and gain a clear overview of timetabling and costs, and how they compare to budget.


Reduce manual jobs, save time

Access time registration, budgeting and planning information in one central place.

  • Automate staffing and distribution planning based on conditions, including employee availability.
  • Track worked hours and salary costs compared to the plan.
  • Identify growing salary costs before they become a problem.
  • Quickly identify errors or fraudulent activity.
  • Easily make last-minute schedule changes.

Clear information and communication

LS Central Staff Management includes an employee portal, a communication and planning tool where staff can:

  • See upcoming shifts and review schedules.
  • Monitor their hours and comment on them.
  • Communicate with their managers.
  • Request to work on specific days, ask for shift changes or time off.
  • Accept or decline work requests.

The system immediately alerts managers of any requests that need addressing.


Plan resources effectively

Plan the optimal number of employees in each role per day, location and shift. You can also let the system help you plan for special occasions or events. The system can

  • Automatically adjust role budgets based on information on finance, purchasing or sales activity.
  • Send alerts to managers if more or fewer staff members are needed.
  • Use sales history, warehouse activity, and predicted traffic due to active offers and promotions to forecast staffing needs.
  • Use external factors, like weather forecasts or the presence of a large conference or sports event, to forecast staffing needs.

Optimize your workforce management operations

Salary management

Compare actual staff costs against your budget. Automated controls ensure that salary hours are accurate.

Sales commission

The system calculates and reports sales commissions, so you can easily reward best-performing employees.

Loss prevention

Protect your margins: the system analyzes all transactions, and alerts managers when transactions match pre-defined triggers.

Staff permissions

Define staff permissions for sensitive operations like returns, selling over discount limits, and more.

Fast time registration

Let employees clock in and out using employee cards, ID, eye scanners or fingerprint scanning at the POS.

Error identification and resolution

With time registration, budgeting and planning in one place you can quickly compare budgets/planning and actuals.

You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right business management software for your retail stores, whether big or small, can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help and assist you in answering your questions. Just contact us!

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Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Managing your staff doesn't need to be a manual, tedious task. Discover how the right software tool can give you back time to focus on what really matters.

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