Simplify team management in your restaurant or food service business

Keep your employees engaged and productive with clear plans and communication

Staff management in restaurants

Schedule, track and manage your workforce better, with less effort

To master staff scheduling in your restaurants, you need technology that simplifies shift planning, gives you a clear overview of costs and needs, and facilitates communication between employees and managers.

LS Central includes powerful Staff Management functionality, enabling restaurant and franchise managers to plan and distribute staff schedules while keeping into consideration costs, expected flow of guests, as well as employee vacations and sick days. Oversee and approve timetables, manage costs and always make sure they’re on track compared to budget.


Monitor and update information centrally

Manage and track time registration, labor costs and planning in a central hub.

  • Build and manage schedules in the same platform you use for your data analytics.
  • No more manual work: the system tracks hours and labor costs for you.
  • Set the conditions, such as employee availability, and let the automations take care of staffing and shift planning.
  • Easily compare actual worked hours and salary costs to the plan, and identify growing costs early on.
  • Get alerted to errors or fraudulent activity.
  • Easily make last-minute schedule changes.

Communicate clearly with all employees

Eliminate paper schedules and misunderstandings, and share shifts and information with staff with a click. In the LS Central Staff Management employee portal, your staff can:

  • See their shifts and accept or reject schedules
  • Keep track of their hours
  • Send messages to their managers
  • Request to work on a specific days, to change a shift, or to get time off

If there’s a request that needs to be addressed, or a new message, the system sends an alert so you can respond promptly.


Create effective work schedules

Plan the correct number of employees in each job per shift, day, and location. The system helps you

  • Stay compliant with wage and hour regulations.
  • Automatically adjust role budgets based on your business information and plans.
  • Alert managers if more or fewer staff members are needed.
  • Forecast how many employees you’ll need based on history, bookings, and predicted traffic.
  • Consider external factors, like weather forecasts or the presence of events like a match or concert, to forecast staffing needs.

All the staff management tools you need in your restaurant or food service business in one place

Track salary costs

Compare actual costs against budget. The automations make sure that salary hours are accurate.

Staff permissions

Set which employees or job roles can perform operations like voiding items, offering discounts above a certain limit, and more.

Clock in/clock out

Employees can clock in and out rapidly at the POS using employee cards, ID, or eye or fingerprint scanners.

Fast error resolution

Compare budgets and plans to actuals at a glance: time registration, budgeting and planning are all in one central place.



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Combo chose LS Retail software solutions

We have seen a very short learning curve. Our front staff quickly becomes proficient in the system.

—  Francesco Prone, CFO Combo

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Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Accurate, better and easier staff planning is just one click away

Managing your staff doesn't need to be a manual, tedious task. Discover how the right software tool can give you back time to focus on what really matters.

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