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LS Retail | 17 April 2023

How hotels and resorts can offer luxury guest experiences

How hotels and resorts can offer luxury guest experiences

The hotel experience used to start when a guest checked in and was over once they checked out, but today it’s much more than that.

Modern hotel guests don’t just expect top-notch customer service, they also demand connection and personalization; they want you to know what they want before they even ask for it. That’s where technology can play a significant role in helping hotels and resorts reach a new level of understanding for their guests. The Blue Lagoon hospitality and wellness resort in Iceland is a perfect example of this, uniting nature, relaxation, and cutting-edge technology to deliver luxurious guest experiences. 

Welcoming over 4,000 guests from around the world every day, Blue Lagoon has consistently remained one of Iceland’s top attractions, famous for its milky-blue geothermal waters that stand in stark contrast to the surrounding volcanic landscape.  

And it’s no wonder! With two luxury hotels, a subterranean spa, a poolside bar, four different restaurants (one of which is recommended by the Michelin Guide), four retail stores, and an online store for their skincare line, they have an exceptional array of services to offer. Guests flock to the property to enjoy their days filled with relaxation and luxury, and Blue Lagoon must be able to deliver the experiences they expect.  

Whether customers check in at one of the accommodations, buy a day pass to the lagoon or spa, reserve a table for lunch or dinner, or book a series of activities through the property, the guest journey must be seamless. To do that effectively, the Blue Lagoon uses a centralized hotel management system that also covers retail, financials, and F&B, and which enables them to easily handle the scope of their operations on one software platform.  

By using a single hotel management system for its many activities, the Blue Lagoon can link room management, restaurants, retail, and services while maintaining full visibility over their business. They can access one system and see guest details, rooms with connected table reservations or spa bookings, as well as back-office tasks. This connected view helps them better understand their guests and tailor their products and services to reflect what their customers are looking for.  

Hear more about how a central hotel management system like LS Central for hotels helps Blue Lagoon stay innovative:  

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