Easy setup, straightforward process, hassle-free configuration

LS Express is an easy Point Of Sale (POS) software that works straight out of the box on any of your favorite devices, no matter if iOS, Windows or Android based. No need for external IT assistance or expertise, quickly set it up yourself. Just follow the walkthrough’s directions.

And stop worrying about tedious IT management chores, we manage the software and infrastructure, and of course we handle all needed maintenance. No extra costs, no hassle!


Less than 10 minutes to setup and no external help needed

Open your browser, log in with your account and just follow the instructions of the software wizard. The setup assistant is easy to follow and will walk you through the whole process.


Hardware made easy

LS Express works easily with your preferred hardware. No need for big investments in devices that you may not be fully familiar with.

Easily print receipts through your chosen printer, scan barcodes, or use a cash drawer. Setup is hassle-free and compatible with Windows, iOS and Android devices.


Add your brand everywhere you need

Effortlessly customize your receipts and keep a coherent look for your brand. Thanks to the Microsoft Suite integration, adding text or images is as easy as opening a Microsoft Word document.

Still wondering if this is the right fit for your store?

Choosing the right retail POS and accounting system can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help. Try LS Express for free. No credit card. No commitment. Just a few quick questions to set up your trial. Or if you have any additional questions just get in touch with our experts.

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The Barn Nursery and Landscape Center chose LS Express

It's hard to imagine a Point of Sale that continues to grow and change, but LS Express has kept up with us as we transition to a new age of retail involving e-commerce and increased competition with box stores.

—  Aaron Isaacman, Manager at The Barn Nursery and Landscape Center

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