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Giada Pezzini | 12 September 2023

How to re-route customers from your website to your store

How to re-route customers from your website to your store

Despite the belief that retail stores would disappear, they are still thriving. However, the industry has changed, and retailers must adapt to meet the changing needs of customers. Success in retail now relies on providing a comprehensive shopping experience across different channels. To attract more online customers to physical stores, retailers can allow customers to physically interact with merchandise, showcase exceptional in-store customer service, and offer brand experiences.

Here are five proven strategies to bring online customers to brick-and-mortar stores.

Click (at home) & Collect (in-store)

Research indicates that Click & Collect, the practice of purchasing items online and picking them up in-store, is an incredibly effective tool for enticing customers to visit physical stores. This service has gained immense popularity due to the convenience it offers, allowing customers to retrieve their purchases at their own convenience instead of waiting for home delivery. Click & Collect also benefits retailers, as 45% of customers who visit a store to collect their orders end up making additional impulse purchases.

On-line searches of in-store inventory

Provide your customers with a convenient search engine on your app and e-commerce site, allowing them to easily find the products they desire in your physical stores. Give them all the necessary details, such as availability in specific sizes, colors, and specifications. Additionally, include driving and walking directions to your stores, as well as clearly marked opening hours. By making it effortless for customers to visit your store, you will attract a larger number of people.

Special offers, promotions and events

Looking to generate more foot traffic from online customers? Boost your online-to-offline conversion with exclusive in-store vouchers that go beyond traditional offers. Get creative and provide customers with vouchers for unique experiences, such as a complimentary beauty treatment, a hands-on makeup session, a fun cake decoration course, an exclusive seasonal pre-sale, or a special catwalk event exclusively for loyal shoppers. Be sure to gather data and insights from participants to analyze the success of these promotions and gain a deeper understanding of how digital engagement drives your in-store revenue.

In-store returns = extra sales

Allowing customers to return online purchases in-store instead of through mail or courier services is a major advantage. Not only does it provide convenience for customers, but it also drives revenue for retailers. Research reveals that 70% of shoppers who return items in a physical store end up making additional purchases. This makes in-store returns a win-win situation for both customers and retailers.

Personalize, personalize

E-commerce websites and apps provide valuable customer insights for retailers to deliver personalized in-store experiences. By sending notifications to customers' mobile devices, retailers can alert them about new products or offer discounts on frequently purchased items. This personalization not only makes customers feel special but also drives increased spending. Utilize your mobile and online platforms to enhance the shopping experience for customers, regardless of when and where they choose to shop.

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