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LS Retail | 14 February 2018

Meet LS Nav 2018: easy upgrades and a next-generation Point of Sale system

Meet LS Nav 2018: easy upgrades and a next-generation Point of Sale system
LS Nav 2018, the latest version of LS Nav was released on February 13, 2018. This is the first version built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, which was made available by Microsoft in December 2017. LS Nav 2018 can be deployed on-premises or in a private cloud, and is available under a prepaid or a subscription license. From a new clienteling Point of Sale (POS) to omni-channel ordering and delivery of products, LS Nav 2018 features a number of new functionalities that help retailers put the customer at the center.

Next-generation selling with the clienteling POS

Today’s customers want personalized interactions and engaging service. LS Nav 2018 features a new, highly visual, content-rich clienteling POS that empowers retail store employees to sell more than the inventory available in-store, all the while delivering one-on-one, highly personalized service. Using the clienteling view, store staff can now engage with customers and navigate items using a look and feel similar to online store browsing. The view supports conversational commerce, empowering your employees to advise customers on their purchases, using the POS as a content-rich, highly visual product display. Show items in the different colors and varieties available, delve into the features and specifications, and navigate to other items the customer may be interested in. The clienteling POS will be extended with further functionality in upcoming releases. Future features will include the ability to compare products side by side at the POS, and quick access to customer information, so that staff members can provide a more personal customer service. The first version of the clienteling POS is currently only available for the Windows POS; availability for the web POS will come in future releases.  

Omni-channel fulfillment with Customer Orders

Special Orders is being expanded into a new functionality called Customer Orders which enables customers to decide how, when, and where to buy and receive items. Customers can now order products on the mobile loyalty app or on the e-commerce site, and choose either to have their products delivered straight to their door, or to pick them up at one of the retailer’s store locations. The functionality also enables retailers to offer returns across the channels, as items bought in the e-commerce store can now be easily returned in physical store locations. In the upcoming months, Customer Orders will be enhanced to offer more ways of sourcing and delivering products, enabling you to offer an even more seamless omni-channel shopping experience. In-store, employees will be able to use the POS to sell more than just what is available in the specific store location. If an item (or a specific color or size) is not available in the current store, staff will be able to source the item from vendors and warehouses, essentially enabling customers to choose from an endless aisle of products. The purchase can then be shipped to their preferred address, or picked up in any store location.

Easily upgrade to later versions

LS Nav 2018 supports Microsoft’s Events and Extensions technology, which enables users to easily add and preserve their customizations to the system. This technology allows users to make changes and add customizations without changing the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV or LS Nav code. This means that if you install LS Nav 2018 now, and add your customizations using the Events technology, you will then be able to easily upgrade to later versions of LS Nav without losing your changes and add-ons.

Better control over assortment planning

Item assortment management can be a complex and time-consuming task. With LS Nav 2018, it’s easier than ever to create and maintain assortments, keep visibility on the item assortment in your stores, and view (and edit) rules and dependencies. LS Nav 2018 features a new top-down assortment management approach which enables you to easily plan the assortment of items in your stores using flexible hierarchies. The system allows you to create your own hierarchies for your items and stores, link groups of items to groups of stores, and set exceptions with just a few clicks. Create and manage multiple versions of your assortment, and decide when to activate specific versions, or when to revert to previous ones.

Two different types of POS technology

LS Nav 2018 allows users to choose between two types of POS technology. The LS Nav Windows POS runs on Microsoft Windows, and is well-known to many current LS Nav users, as it has been the standard LS Nav POS for the past six years. The new LS Nav web POS is built on HTML and can be used with any operating system. As the web POS runs in a browser, it is ideal for businesses interested in using mobile devices as POS terminals. It does, however, require connection to a network. Although the two POS technologies have different characteristics, they share the same functionality and the same ease of use.

A new self-service POS configuration

LS Nav 2018 includes the configuration of the self-service coffeehouse ordering POS that premiered at NRF Retail’s BIG Show in New York in January 2018, where almost a thousand cups of coffee were successfully ordered by, and served to, conference attendees. Access the demo data to get a glimpse of the experience, and try it for yourself.

Multiple online stores on the same LS Nav setup

Many LS Nav users are large companies running separate brands, each with its own e-commerce site. With LS Nav 2018, retailers running multiple e-commerce sites can finally manage all their online stores in the same system from head office. This means no more switching through systems to keep track of each e-commerce store, saving you time and simplifying your accounting and administration.

Why wait?

The upcoming version of LS Nav will be based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 “Tenerife,” and will offer the possibility to run the system on-premises, in the private cloud or in the public cloud. Despite the different technology, the next version will have the same features and functionality as LS Nav 2018. This means that if you want the run your stores with powerful technology that helps you delight your customers, there is no reason to wait until the next release. Empower your business with LS Nav 2018 now - and if in the future you decide to move to LS Nav on “Tenerife”, the Events and Extensions technology will enable you to upgrade easily, maintaining your customizations. LS Nav 2018 will be constantly updated with new functionality and until the end of 2019. Support will be available until the end of 2022. To get more details about the latest release, visit the LS Nav online help. Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.   Check out the updates that were released with LS Nav 11.01  

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