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LS Retail | 07 December 2015

Make the holiday shopping season festive

Make the holiday shopping season festive
The holiday shopping season is here! What are you doing to make sure you are getting customers to your stores, and getting their spending money? Let us give you some tips and food for thought. Remember, getting customers — especially new ones — through your doors is splendid, but the most important thing is to turn them into repeat and loyal customers.

1. First impression: the only one that counts

What is the look and feel of your store when your customers first walk in? Is your staff friendly and accommodating? Remember: customers won't know or care that you've been working long hours getting ready for the holiday shopping season, that your feet hurt, or that you have yet to do your own holiday shopping. Your customers’ only concern is that they need to buy gifts. Give them the experience of a lifetime, give them personal attention, and make it count.

2. Ask the right questions

Make sure your staff members ask the right questions, to aid your customers to get the perfect presents and goods. The best retail systems have special up-selling and cross-selling features at POS to suggest staff the right questions, so that you can give better customer service – and sell more. Can your system assist you to upsell and cross-sell?

3. Gather customer names and email addresses

One of the biggest mistakes store owners make is not getting customer contact information when it's busy. Get their contact information now in your loyalty system, reach out to them and make them repeat customers. With the best loyalty programs, like the LS Omni loyalty app, you can manage a loyalty scheme which awards registered users with loyalty points for all of their purchases, no matter if the sale has taken place on the POS, through the loyalty app or via e-commerce.

4. Easy store pickup and shop online?

As we all know, sales online are growing much faster than brick-and-mortar, even though physical stores will continue to capture the majority of holiday sales. To give the best customer service, integrate your channel and create a seamless shopping experience: it is very important that your customers can shop effortlessly online, and then choose to either to pick up the goods in your store, or have them sent home.

5. And the bottom line – have fun!

Make the whole shopping experience filled with fun, joy and happiness. Play music that is light and upbeat. Offer your customers a cup of coffee, a glass of champagne, and the desire to return again and again.   [hubspot id="1"]
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