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LS Retail | 29 May 2024

LS Retail recognized as a Model Firm for 2024 in Iceland

LS Retail recognized as a Model Firm for 2024 in Iceland
LS Retail recognized as a Model Firm for 2024 in Iceland

LS Retail has been recognized as a Model Firm 2024 by the Icelandic workers’ union VR. The results were based on a nationwide survey where nearly 43,000 individuals from the labor market rated their workplaces. 158 companies met the minimum participation requirements and were evaluated on nine key factors reflecting employees’ attitudes towards their working environment.

The factors considered in the survey include:

Management: Is the company well managed? Do employees trust their superiors?

Work morale: Do employees feel comfortable and collaborate well with colleagues?

Salary: Are employees satisfied with their compensation?

Working conditions: Do employees have the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively?

Flexibility at work: Does the company offer a good work-life balance?

Independence at work: Are job goals clear, and do employees feel empowered to take initiative?

Company image: Do employees hold a positive view of the company?

Job satisfaction: Are employees happy at work?

Equality: Do all employees have equal opportunities, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, origin, or beliefs?

The top 15 companies in each size category (small, medium, and large) with the highest overall scores are recognized as Model Firms 2024. We are delighted to announce that LS Retail has been named a Model Firm 2024 in the large company category. Members of our team proudly accepted the award during an official ceremony at Harpa conference and concert hall in Reykjavik.

We are incredibly proud of this achievement,” says Bergthora Olafsdottir, Chief HR Officer at LS Retail. “Every member of LS Retail plays a vital role in creating such a fantastic company culture. This recognition is a testament to our collective efforts and commitment to excellence.”

Read more about the award on the official VR website.

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