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LS Retail | 05 December 2019

LS One 2019.1: improved performance, now integrated to SAP HANA

LS One 2019.1: improved performance, now integrated to SAP HANA

We have just released LS One 2019.1, the latest version of Point of Sale and back-office solution LS One. Let’s take a look at the system improvements and new functionality we introduced in this version.

Integration support for SAP Business One (version for SAP HANA)

LS One released its first integration to SAP Business One (version for Microsoft SQL) in 2018. Since then, we have added more integration scenarios to strengthen the touchpoints between the two software solutions. All these scenarios are now also available for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA. 

Even if you don’t use SAP Business One, you can reap the benefits of this project, as it has helped us further develop the LS One Integration Framework. The result is drastically reduced time to integrate LS One to any ERP solution. 

More options for transfer orders

The Transfer Orders functionality in LS One enables you to request and move items from one store to another. Until now, retailers could use the Site Manager to make and complete transfer order requests. After requests from many LS One partners and users, we have extended this functionality to the POS. This means that businesses can make transfer requests, accept them and process transfers directly from the Point of Sale. This scenario is also supported in integrations with SAP Business One. 

Improvements to inventory performance

Speed of action is fundamental in retail. In this release, we have improved both the performance of the inventory functionality and of the mobile inventory.

Much of LS One’s inventory functionality has been moved to stored procedures. This change has drastically improved the inventory performance. 

As regards the inventory functionality on mobile, the LS Retail OMNI server, which is used to connect the mobile inventory app, has gone through significant changes to improve performance. As a result, the mobile inventory now delivers results faster than ever before, speeding up your service and saving you time during your daily work.

Payment with WIC/EBT (food stamps)

Several countries, including the USA, have food stamps programs such as WIC (Women, Infants & Children) or EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer). In these programs, a beneficiary gets a card that allows them to purchase certain items with special tax conditions. LS One now supports both WIC and EBT, and as a result, specific items in a transaction can be paid at tax free prices when using a WIC/EBT card. 

Swedish fiscalization

LS One now support the mandatory Swedish fiscalization. LS One partners who wish to use this fiscalization code for other country versions can find it in the development pack. 

Continuous delivery

This is the second and last official release of LS One for 2019. Throughout the year, the team continuously released service packs, so that LS One users and partners could get the necessary fixes and top-requested features as quickly as possible. In the upcoming year we plan to increase the speed of our release cycle, so you can get the functionality you need even more rapidly. 

All the answers to your questions at conneXion 

Do you have any questions about LS One? Are you eager to dig into the product functionality? Do you have feedback you’d like to deliver directly to the LS One team? Then join us at our yearly conference conneXion in Reykjavik, Iceland, on May 18-19 2020. The program includes three informative sessions and three intense 90-minute workshops on LS One – and the team will be onsite throughout the conference for questions, one-on-one chats, and explanations. Book your ticket to conneXion now.


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