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LS Retail | 25 April 2023

LS Central 21.5: what‘s new for hotels

LS Central 21.5: what‘s new for hotels

LS Central version 21.5 was released on April 20th, 2023. Here’s an overview of what we have added and improved in the system.

Enhancements to LS Central for hotels

Clearer visibility over pricing for unconfirmed reservations

Sometimes hotels encounter travel agents or guests that want to know prices and availability before confirming a reservation. We have now made it easier to work with unconfirmed reservations with the new Reservation Builder. The Reservation Builder provides better visibility of the rate code prices and allows you to add extra services or items to the reservation in order to see the final pricing result before confirming.  

Option to transfer balances between reservations now available

Sometimes guests want to pay an amount connected with another reservation, for example paying for the dinner of a friend. Now, with the Balance Transfer option, guests can do this easily by transferring balances from one reservation to another.  

Improved visibility of night-audit accounting

The night-audit accounting process will now create General Journals and post every night to sales and VAT accounts for in-house reservations. Included in the night-audit process are non-inventory items from reservation extras, activities included in the rate, confirmed activities, cancellation fees. Additionally, room charges are not processed. Now, you can have better visibility over the night audit information and to what account it gets posted to.