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LS Retail | 16 February 2022

Kronans Apotek pharmacy in Sweden running on LS Central for pharmacy

Kronans Apotek pharmacy in Sweden running on LS Central for pharmacy

LS Central for pharmacy, LS Retail’s pharmacy and dispensing software, is now officially live in the first location of the Kronans Apotek chain in Sweden.

Kronans Apotek recently announced its merger with Apoteksgruppen, another large pharmacy business. The joint company will become Sweden's third largest pharmacy chain, with over 470 drugstores throughout Sweden, serving millions of customers.

LS Central for pharmacy is a business software solution that extends ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with pharmacy- and retail-specific functionality. It enables pharmacies to process online and paper prescriptions, handle drugs and retail items effectively, and keep control over pharmaceutical stock across the entire pharmacy chain. LS Central for pharmacy was first certified by the Swedish eHealth Agency  (eHälsomyndigheten) in June 2021, and is continually kept fully compliant with Swedish regulations.

LS Central for pharmacy is the solution of choice of several global pharmacy brands, including McKesson UK which has been deploying the software solution across over 1,600 pharmacies in their LloydsPharmacy brand. In Sweden, pharmacy chains Apoteksgruppen and Lloydsapotek already use LS Central for pharmacy for all their retail sales and processes, in person and online.

“We are excited about partnering with LS Retail on this important project, and are expecting multiple benefits from a unified pharmacy and retail solution," says Charlotta Nyström, CIO at Oriola Corporation, the company that owns Kronans Apotek. “The pharmaceutical market is very competitive, and drugstores need a top-of-the-line management system that helps provide great customer service while satisfying complex legislations and regulations. With LS Central, we can stay at the forefront of a tough market."

“We are proud of being the supplier of a unified retail and pharmacy solution for a pharmacy chain as successful as Kronans in Sweden. Thanks to a great partnership with our customers, we have built a solution that solves pressing needs in a highly regulated and competitive market. We believe LS Central for pharmacy can support current and future digital needs of pharmacy chains in Sweden,” says Kristjan Johannsson, Chief Commercial Officer at LS Retail.

The project will continue with further rollouts to remaining stores. It is expected to be completed by October.

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