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LS Retail | 24 June 2021

LS Central for pharmacy is now certified in Sweden

LS Central for pharmacy is now certified in Sweden

LS Central for pharmacy, LS Retail’s dispensing and retail pharmacy software, has been certified by the Swedish eHealth Agency (eHälsomyndigheten) as fully compliant with Swedish regulations.

In Sweden, all pharmacy software needs to be officially certified. The eHealth Agency is the public body that is responsible for public investments in e-health and for a number of digital services, which include access to e-prescriptions and digital vaccine certificates on top of official certifications. The Swedish eHealth Agency aims to contribute to improved national health care by developing a national e-health infrastructure.

LS Central for pharmacy: a global pharmacy and dispensing software

LS Central for pharmacy is an end-to-end software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. It enables pharmacies to process online and paper prescriptions, manage drugs and retail items effectively, and stay on top of pharmaceutical stock across the entire pharmacy chain.

LS Central for pharmacy is the solution of choice of several global pharmacy brands, including McKesson UK which has been deploying the software solution across all of its pharmacies. In Sweden, pharmacy chains Apoteksgruppen, Lloydsapotek and Kronans Apotek already use LS Central for pharmacy for all their sales and processes, as well as to deliver digital and in-person services. The software solution has been sold to close to three thousand pharmacies.

An important milestone

“The Swedish pharmacy regulation is notoriously among the strictest in the world. We are proud we passed this certification - this is a big milestone for LS Central for pharmacy, as it makes our solution more compliant in the global marketplace,” says Kristjan Johannsson, Vice President Strategic Accounts at LS Retail. “LS Central for pharmacy is one of the very few pharmacy and dispensing solutions that are compliant with the entire repository of medications in the Swedish database, including  medicines for both humans and animals. This is a rare achievement, and we are very proud of this official acknowledgement of the quality of our software.”

Around 99 percent of all prescriptions in Sweden are electronic, according to data from the Swedish eHealth Agency. When a doctor sends an e-prescription, patients can pick it up at any pharmacy. "We can already foresee the benefits this certification will bring to our customers, and we are looking forward to supporting even more pharmacies in Sweden with our comprehensive software solution,” says Johannsson. 

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