Fighting the restaurant war requires powerful and flexible artillery

Olafur Jonsson | 30 March 2016

Fighting the restaurant war requires powerful and flexible artillery

We all know it, mobile devices are increasingly becoming a part of our lives and daily routine. So much so that it’s getting harder and harder to imagine how we could function without them. And who can blame us? From surfing the net to shopping, from ordering meals to reviewing our favorite restaurants (as well as endless other activities), so much can be achieved through only one single device! That feels quite magical, doesn’t it? So yes, it’s a no brainer, smartphones are influencing our lives, the way we communicate and consume information and ultimately they also affect our own expectations about the services and products that we want to buy.

In the past when I entered a restaurant, my priorities were good food and a clean environment. Today, I of course still care about those, but I also want to be able to coordinate my dining experience through my smartphone. I want to be able to reserve my table, view the menu, be informed about possible offers or discounts (especially when I’m near my favorite restaurant!) or even order my food (in case of quick service restaurants) with just a few swipes of the screen. And I also know I’m not alone in having these expectations! Having worked in IT for over 15 years, I know that these fast moving customer requirements are putting pressure on restaurant operation and restaurateurs need to react quickly if they want not only to maintain but also grow their brand loyalty.

So fighting this war requires powerful and flexible “artillery” and not only great tasting meals! What if I tell you that you could meet those requirements (and more!) with an all-in-one software system that combines Central Restaurant Management, Point of Sale, Kitchen Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.  Almost hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, not really! LS First Hospitality is developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX and provides a single, synchronized view of the customer, ensuring that the sales and marketing channels are marching in rhythm with the rest of the operations. LS First truly supports OMNI channel restauranting, which can enable seamless sales and services which today's customer expects. Besides offering mobile application the system enable sync service out of the box that enables flexibility in building feature rich apps and games that can easily be integrated with the Central Restaurant Management system in the back of house and the Point of Sale in the front of house.

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