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LS Retail | 10 August 2023

4 customer demands you can satisfy with the right retail technology

4 customer demands you can satisfy with the right retail technology

In the digital age, consumers extensively research products across various platforms, from user reviews to influencer insights. They meticulously compare options before making purchasing decisions, both in-store and online. However, winning their loyalty demands more. Modern customers seek brands that actively listen and appreciate them. Neglecting this aspect risks loyalty loss to competitors. The solution lies in leveraging available technologies to meet customer expectations and maintain their joyful shopping journey.

Here are four common customer demands – and the technology that can help.

“I want to be able to shop when I want, where I want”Blog-IN--4-customer-demands-online-shopping

In today's world, shopping is no longer confined by traditional store hours. People effortlessly browse prices through loyalty apps while waiting or place orders from their couches at night.

The solution: Retailers must embrace omni-channel strategies. This means you need to have a functional e-commerce site, optimized for mobile use (a surprising oversight by many companies even today!). You then need to adopt an omni-channel management system, to maintain seamless connectivity and uniform shopping experiences. This kind of software enables you to enter information (for example prices, product pictures and descriptions, or details of offers and promotions) just once in the back office. The system then takes care of updating the e-commerce site, the Point of Sale devices in the stores and the loyalty app, ensuring coherent and reliable information flow throughout your business.

“I want it delivered here”

Gone are the days when customers hunted for items across stores. The modern expectation is for you to bring products to them, precisely where and when they desire. This entails seamless delivery from your e-commerce platform to their preferred location, including your store branches, and at a punctual time (no vague delivery windows). In your physical stores, inter-store coordination and inventory visibility are crucial, enabling easy shipping among different outlets or direct-to-customer delivery. Blog-In-4-customer-demands-shopper

The solution: Unify your operations under a single management system and enable Point of Sale access to shared inventory. This empowers staff to check and order items from other stores. On your e-commerce platform, introduce click & collect – a popular and profitable service. A 2016 OnePoll study of 2,000 shoppers revealed that 65 percent of click & collect users make additional in-store purchases during their visit.

“I want your brand to recognize me”

Blog-IN-4-customer-demands-shopper-sitting-on-a-chairNo one likes to be treated like a number. Today people interact with retailers across different channels, and they expect to be recognized as loyal customers no matter if they enter your shop’s doors or ask a question about their order on your Facebook page. According to a research by Accenture, 75 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that knows their purchase history, recommends options based on past purchases, or recognizes them by name.

The solution: Implement a loyalty program. Elevate engagement while capturing customer preferences and buying patterns. Leverage this data to deliver personalized suggestions and exclusive offers. Ensure the program spans all channels, allowing points collection and redemption in-store and online. Better yet, also offer a loyalty app that your customers can use to shop, receive offers and track their purchases and points.

“I don’t want to queue”

Modern consumers are both busy and impatient. Time wasted in queues for service or payments is a major turnoff. A UK survey by Box Technologies and Intel found that 90% of shoppers avoid stores with extended queues, and 70% might not revisit a store after a lengthy wait. Essentially, prolonged waiting prompts customers to seek alternatives for their needs.Blog-IN--4-customer-demands-quick-shopping

The solution: If long lines are a problem you face in your store, mobile POS or self-checkout options can be the technology you need. By enabling sales associates to close sales and accept payments anywhere on the shop floor, mPOS reduce queues and waiting times. Alternatively, customers can  scan and pay for items independently with systems like ScanPayGo.

Technology is an investment – but one that pays off when it comes to breeding loyalty with today’s demanding consumers. If your current system doesn’t meet consumers’ expectations, don’t fret! Contact our experts and learn how you can upgrade your system to meet your, and your customers’, needs.  

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