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Petur Sigurdsson | 12 August 2017

4 simple ways to drive customers back into your store

4 simple ways to drive customers back into your store

Find out 4 easy ways you can use your omni-channel platforms to recapture some of your customers, and bring them back to your physical outlets.

Activate location-based product searches

Use your retail app and e-commerce store to lead prospective customers into your physical locations. Make it easy for them to find out which of your outlets stock the products they are looking for, and whether the products are available in the desired size, color and specifications. Include driving and walking directions to arrive to your store as well as clear opening hours to make the process even simpler and faster for the customers.

Offer click & collect

A recent study revealed that click & collect is the best tool you can use to drive shoppers back into your brick-and-mortar store. According to the research, more than 1 out of 4 consumers will spend extra time and money in stores that offer click & collect. Other studies confirm that shoppers that go in-store to collect items tend to make impulse purchases, and spend generally more than traditional buyers.

Attach in-store offers and promotions

Send your customers print-at-home and mobile vouchers to encourage them to visit your stores. For instance, you could offer a small gift to all customers who visit your physical locations with a specific voucher. Or you could increase the discount when coupons are redeemed in-store rather than online. By analyzing the success of these promotions you will also be able to gain a clearer view of how much your in-store revenue is driven by digital engagement.

Use your Intel to personalize the in-store experience

E-commerce stores and apps provide retailers with an unprecedented wealth of knowledge about their customers. Use intelligence gleaned from your customers’ online and mobile shopping habits to offer them a more personalized and relevant experience in store. Show your customers that you know them, and make them feel special. A recent study revealed that consumers spend more if they are offered a tailored shopping experience, for example when notifications are sent to their mobile to alert them to the most relevant products or discounts.   Your mobile and online platforms need not substitute your physical stores in your consumers’ shopping habits. Create an integrated strategy, and you will be able to use your virtual platforms to drive shoppers back into your stores, and increase your bottom line. 

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