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Reporting & analysis

Reduce shrinkage and prevent losses using the real-time insights into your business’s key financials. In addition to the built-in reporting and analyzing tools, you can enhance your system with extra Business Intelligence (BI) functionality to get an even deeper insights into your business data.

Discover 10 retail KPIs to keep you ahead of the competition

Make sure your retail vision is based on the best data available. Download this eBook to learn about the key performance indicators a retail CEO needs to track to lead effectively, set company goals, and cope with change.

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Monitor your KPIs

What is your single biggest opportunity to improve profit this week/month? Which products are top sellers, likely to go out of stock before your next re-order? Which items have the biggest impact on sales of other products in each store location?

With LS Central you can easily track all your KPIs and build dashboards to answer these questions and more. Understand where customers are making purchases, identify trends, and invest in resources where they’ll have the most impact.

Cloud-based Business Intelligence

LS Insight is a cloud-based Business Intelligence software as a service (SaaS) powered by Microsoft Power BI. With LS Insight, you can:

  • Visualize your business data in an immediate, visual way
  • Share business insights within your organization
  • Track your KPIs anywhere via a browser
  • Personalize dashboards and reports
  • Set up alerts, and react quickly to protect your margins.
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On-premises Business Intelligence

LS BI, based on TARGIT, is a Business Intelligence solution that is implemented in your own environment, granting you full control on all aspects of the system. Identify key trends and patterns, and pin-point the areas of your operations that need improvement. LS BI comes with a number of predefined retail analyses available on a client, web or mobile device. You can also build custom reports using the retail-specific OLAP cubes.

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Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology

Meet the software solution that can solve all your issues of visibility, data consistency and personalization.

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Why LS Central unified commerce software?

i-LS Central for retail-reports-Data-driven decisions

Data-driven decisions

Detailed, accurate and timely reports take the guesswork out of your business decisions, enabling you to quickly respond to events.

i-LS Central for retail-reports-A single version of the truth

A single version of the truth

When you use a unified system, you can be sure the data you get is reliable and makes sense, as it all comes from the same platform.

i-LS Central for retail-reports-Custom reports

Custom reports

Decide what information you want to track, and create your own personalized reports. It’s as easy as that.

i-LS Central for retail-reports-Your business at a glance

Your business at a glance

The graphical visualizations help managers understand what is going on in every area of their business at a glance.

IKEA Saudi Arabia chose LS Retail software solutions

Thanks to LS Retail solutions, IKEA Saudi Arabia can handle the challenge of managing the massive scale of its business and the increasing volume of sales.

—  Nasir Mohiuddin, IKEA Saudi Arabia

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