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Reports and advanced statistics

Gain a clear overview of business performance in real time. Analyze sales in your locations by POS terminal, staff member, item or time of the day. With a unified system that collects all the data you need in a single database, you can crunch data, track KPIs, and take decisions knowing that your actions are based on information that is accurate and complete.

Track your KPIs

Monitor the most important performance indicators for your business, reduce waste and costs and increase throughput and guest satisfaction. Within LS Central, you can easily keep track of valuable business KPIs such as:

  • Cost of goods sold
  • Menu item profitability and popularity
  • Food and beverage sales per guest
  • Revenue per available seat per hour
  • Total labor cost percentage.

Apply Business Intelligence

With LS Central you get all the data and visualization capabilities you need to effectively assess your operational performance and take effective business decisions. Access a full range of analytic and reporting capabilities, create your own dashboards and reports and share them with other key stakeholders in the company.



Analyze performance in your kitchen

Use the Kitchen Display System to gain real-time reporting of performance in your kitchen, and act quickly when issues arise. The KDS enables you to monitor:

  • Station performance per KOT
  • Number of orders and average production time
  • Ticket time for the display stations
  • Average production time for items, product groups, or item categories.


Implementing a new management system doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Follow the tips of our experts, customers and partners, and learn the best practices for a successful and painless system implementation.

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Barbeque Nation chose LS Retail software solutions

LS Nav Hospitality is very user friendly and minimizes our dependency on technical people/IT professionals.

—  Indrajeet Singh Arora, Barbeque Nation

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