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Transa Backpacking AG

Founded in 1977, Transa believes in offering a comprehensive range of outdoors and travel products, accompanied by friendly customer service and competent advice. Today Transa runs physical stores in six cities in Switzerland plus an online store.

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All about service

Transa puts high-quality service and expertise at the heart of its business. In the e-commerce store, the company makes sure to include very detailed product descriptions, with all the information customers might need to make the right product choice. 

In-store, staff members are known for their ability to give competent advice to customers. Transa offers a large product range in all of its locations. To enable this large selection, all branches can sell from the entire company range, even when a specific product is not physically stocked in the store. To handle this setup, Transa needs a software system that enables staff to easily transfer products from other locations to the customer’s address.

Time for an upgrade

Transa has been using Microsoft Dynamics ERP and LS Retail software to run its business since 1998, with all of the stores connected online. When the time came to update the system, Transa had no second thoughts: they would stay with the LS Retail software solution, a system that has helped them serve their customers and manage their business successfully for two decades. 

Going to the cloud

Transa’s new version of Dynamics ERP is hosted in MicrosoftAzure. The company decided to move from its local servers to the cloud to get higher flexibility and better responsiveness to new challenges. The upgrade also included a move to Microsoft Office 365, a decision the company has not regretted, as the new system has greatly improved internal collaboration.

Higher data quality

Transa has an extensive product catalog and uses a large number of suppliers. This means a great amount of electronic item data to maintain. Today, this information can be entered directly in the LS Retail software solution. This has granted the company higher data quality in their item master. All customer processes, included sales, exchanges and repairs, can now be handled quickly straight at the POS. This way, information is captured directly in the system, simplifying procedures and data management for Transa.

Loyalty rewards

Thanks to the LS Retail software solution, Transa can easily run a loyalty system that lets customers collect and redeem loyalty points with every purchase. Customers can apply for the loyalty program directly at the POS.

Improved logistics

Parallel with the system update, Transa decided to revise internal processes, streamlining its logistics. Today, Transa is able to deliver items from its central warehouse to all store locations, as well as between different stores, without system discontinuities.

Transa Backpacking AG

All the technical optimizations we have implemented with the help of Decs and LS Retail have prepared us for any challenges the future may bring.

Curdin Pfister, Application Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

decs ag

As an IT partner for well-known retailers, decs ag is focusing on the challenges of modern retail business. They have developed solutions that cover all the requirements of the retail trade and consistently integrate all components, from the cash register to the financial accounting.

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