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Tinol Paints International

Founded in 1956, the company has built a reputation for developing and producing specialized coatings for a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty industrial paints, to floor and architectural coatings to fire retardant and specialty coatings.

Tinol today produces over 500 types of paints. The company has built a solid reputation, which lies on the quality of its items and on its polite and competent customer service.

Time for change

Tinol’s management system had been creating problems to the company for some time: the software had big limitations, and the company could not get proper reporting. Samir Saab, IT Manager at Tinol Paints International, said: “We had been using this system for years, so the decision to switch to a new one was very hard. Expanding our old system was prohibitive, in terms of changing the different components, modifying the existing software and interfacing with other software.”

LS Retail software wins over its competitors

Following an extensive assessment period, in which it considered Oracle, SAP and Microsoft ERPs, the company chose to implement LS Retail software solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Chaker Saab, Chairman at Tinol Paints International said: “We took our time in evaluating the options. We wanted to make sure we got it right. However, it became clear that by using LS retail software we could grow our business both internationally and regionally.”

Central control, superior customer service

Since implementing the LS Retail software, Tinol has gained precise insights into its inventory requirements and improved its supply chain, making it more efficient.  Tinol can now better manage its expenses, cash flow, invoice processing and pricing. The company has also been able to create more effective and to-the-point marketing strategies.

The LS Retail software solution allowed Tinol to link the new platform with its color-matching software, which is connected to POS color dispensing machines, enabling its large number of outlets to track custom colors. This has improved not only the company’s ability to serve customers, but also Tinol’s supply chain. Tinol is currently developing advanced reporting functions to ensure more accurate business decision making.

Future plans also include the introduction of the manufacturing module and integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Chaker Saab added: “We now have a strong platform for growth and we can already see the benefits. In fact, we’re actually expecting ROI within 2 years, which we believe, given the scope of the implementation, is actually a very short time frame.”

Tinol Paints International

We now have a strong platform for growth and we can already see the benefits. In fact, we’re actually expecting ROI within 2 years, which given the benefits that Dynamics is delivering is actually a short implementation time.

Chaker Saab, Chairman

LS Retail implementation partner


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