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Hoang Phuc

Since it was established in 1989, Hoang Phuc International (HPI) has grown to over 50 retail stores nationwide, and has become a leading player of the fashion retail industry in Vietnam. 

HPI’s portfolio consists of international fashion brands including Kappa, Dr Martens, Ecko Unltd., Superga, Replay, Staple.  

Business Case 

As HPI grew and gained market share, management realized their outdated retail solution was limiting their competitiveness and ability to see and run their business. HPI was using separate system to run different operations such as warehouse, delivery, and accounting. A lot of time and effort were spent on communications and generating reports. In addition, HPI could not access sufficient or precise enough information to make informed decisions.

The company felt the necessity of having a system that would:

  • Simplify financial reporting 
  • Provide accurate information 
  • Offer real-time visibility  
  • Allow better tracking of sales promotions 
  • Be flexible and scalable to grow with HPI and meet its future needs 

The solution 

When they started looking for a new retail business solution, HPI selected as their IT partner NaviWorld Vietnam, a certified LS Retail partner with an expansive experience of the retail market and LS Retail software. Supported by NaviWorld, HPI chose as their new software LS Retail’s unified commerce software. NaviWorld Vietnam rolled out the system in HPI’s head offices, retail stores and warehouses in just 3 months. 


With an all-in-one system for the entire business, all departments can access and operate on the same data. For HPI, this means: 

  • A real-time, complete overview of all processes, from sales and purchasing, to allocation, pricing, and warehouse management. Management can act quickly when needed and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • A centralized database. With data stored in a consistent and non-redundant form, HPI now gets a single version of the truth.  
  • Easier reporting. With consistent and reliable information, the company has simplified its financial reporting and can monitor KPIs and analyze performance of products and promotions. 
  • Stronger decision making. The company can take actions based on accurate information and implement marketing and business strategies that drive profit. 
Hoang Phuc

LS Retail software helps us run our offline and online business confidently and seamlessly. Having all data centralized in one system, updated in real time, has reduced the time spent by our staff on paperwork and has resulted in faster business decision making.

Thanh Nguyen, IT Manager

LS Retail implementation partner

NaviWorld Vietnam Ltd.

NaviWorld Vietnam is a leading solutions provider of end-to-end integrated and adaptable business management applications for mid-sized companies in Vietnam, South East Asia and Middle East.

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