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Farmasía is an independent pharmacy located in central Reykjavík, Iceland. Farmasía offers generic pharmaceutical service as well as a great product range of vitamins, cosmetics and medical products. Farmasía aims to provide excellent customer service, offering a welcoming atmosphere and creating personal relationships with its customers.

Speed and scalability for a new company

Before opening its doors, Farmasía started looking for an ERP and retail system. The company needed a solution that could be set up quickly, as they wanted to be up and running in a relatively short time. Minimization of hardware and software operations was key, as the company didn’t want to expand their IT infrastructure at that time. At the same time, Farmasía wanted to be prepared for a likely expansion of the company in the years to come. The company contacted Rue de Net, an LS Retail implementation partner, to find the right system for their needs. Rue de Net recommended the LS Retail software solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, running in the cloud. “Running Dynamics ERP in Azure and LS Retail software solution on the tills was a relatively obvious choice. The vast experience with LS Retail at Rue de Net resulted in implementation speed beyond the expectations of Farmasía. Using Azure dissolved the company concerns and provided the elasticity required for future expansions of Farmasía,” says Alfred B. Thordarson at Rue de Net, consultant and project manager of the Farmasía project.

A complete platform

Pharmacies in Iceland require integration with the governmentally run Icelandic Health Insurance, as well as the Social Insurance Administration. No software solutions in Iceland could provide a modern retail system, including ERP, and the required integration with the Icelandic Health Insurance. LS Retail software being both a modern retail system, including an ERP, and a flexible platform where the required Icelandic Health Insurance integration could be developed, made it the platform of choice. The company used an LS Retail software-based integration with the Icelandic Health Insurance, developed by Rue de Net, based on the Medicor pharmaceutical service system. This solution provides Farmasía with the necessary functionality to receive electronic drug prescriptions and send delivery information back to the Icelandic Health Insurance, as required by Icelandic law. The LS Retail software solution has provided Farmasía with a platform for growth, and all the tools the company needs to provide customers with great, modern service.


The LS Retail software solution was an easy choice for Farmasía. It provides the platform required to deliver a mature, fully functional, modern and flexible retail system with the added features required in the pharmaceutical field.

Rebekka H. Aðalsteinsdóttir, CEO

LS Retail implementation partner

Rue de Net

Rue de Net specializes in professional and personal consultancy in relations to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and complementary technology and software. They are a certified Microsoft partner and one of four Microsoft Dynamics partners in Iceland.

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